How to kick start your matched betting income right now

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Matched betting has proved to be a great side hustle for me, and in 2017 I am ramping up my efforts and going big with a £17,000 target for the year. With the New Year just starting, here's how you can kick start your Matched Betting in 2017 with the best habits and practices so that you can reach your matched betting goals.

How to kick start your matched betting income right now

Matched betting is a way to make some serious guaranteed profit by utilising the free bet offers that bookmakers offer. It has turned into one of my favourite side hustles because it is tax free and risk free! Even The Guardian have written about matched betting. People often ask me “if matched betting is so good, why isn’t everyone doing it?” – and I have addressed some of the popular questions in a blog post.

Keep a Pot

In order to make more money matched betting, and to make it faster, you should keep at least £200 in the bank. This allows you to cover more offers without having to wait around for your winnings to be deposited. Matched Betters see the best results with a pot of £1,000 – but don't worry too much if you can't match that, you'll still see great results with £200.

A good way to build up your pot is by leaving your winnings in your bank and not transferring them out or spending them. It may be tempting at the start to withdrawal all your hard-earned winnings. But trust me, in the long run you'll be making more money by leaving them in there. If you need to withdraw money for general life expenses then why not consider some other ways to make extra money?

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Set yourself a Target

Some of you may be happy with £20 a day, others may want to hit £50 a day in order to break the £1,000 a month barrier. But, just make sure you set yourself a target – no matter what it is. That way you know what you're working towards, and you know what you have to win each day in order to get to that target. If you don't, you'll lose interest, your mind will be scattered and as a result, your winnings will dwindle.

Schedule your Day

Chances are you'll have other responsibilities in life, so try and set yourself a schedule for Matched Betting. If you're wanting to make over £1000 a month, then set yourself at least 2 hours a day. For £500 a month, 1 hour a day should do it. Maybe some time in the evening when you're normally relaxing? Or in the morning when you're feeling most productive? Just whichever you prefer!

I have created a FREE matched betting daily checklist to help you schedule your time and keep on top of it. Click here to get your free matched betting checklist.

Keep Track of Reload Offers

Reload Offers are what allow you to continue making money from Matched Betting. They're the offers that bookmakers give to existing customers. So, make sure you're always keeping an eye on what's out there. I use Profit Accumulator's Reload Section of their forum, where Reload Offers are posted daily.


Matched Betting is a relatively easy, and risk free, way to make money. If you follow these practices, then you'll set yourself up to turn Matched Betting into a great

matched betting income



6 Comments on “How to kick start your matched betting income right now”

  1. Emma, I’m really struggling to get just how you make the money you do. I got platinum PA about a month ago, have worked through nearly all the beginner offers + some advanced/reloads and am only on about £150 profit! Any ideas??

    1. Hi Liz,

      Is that just the beginner offers? There’s an offer worth around £180 alone, so you should be earning more!

  2. I’m still amazed how few people know about matched betting. It’s something I started on around 2009, and although the money isn’t quite as good then, there is still a lot to be made. And once you’ve done it a few times, it really is quite simple!

    1. You shouldn’t need a separate account. Start small and take it slow. The first few times it will be slow while you get your head around everything.

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