How to keep your energy bills low in winter

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Most of us would like to save money on our energy bills, but doing this in winter can seem impossible. After spending 3 weeks in a very sunny Florida, I have been shocked at just how cold it is back home, and I have been really aware of how much heating we are using – and winter has only just started! Premier Bathrooms have asked me to share some tips to keep your energy bills low in winter.

Use less heating

Did you know that you can save massively on your energy bills just by turning your thermostat down by one degree? One degree is barely noticeable, however it makes a big difference on your energy bills! You can also use less heating by turning it off overnight and layering up throughout the day. We also have extra blankets and throws everywhere – on the sofa, in our offices and on our bed. They are an inexpensive way to stay warm and resist the heating for a little longer.

Eat & drink anything warm

During winter I find that having a warm breakfast or lunch helps me to stay warmer throughout the day. I love having last night’s dinner leftovers as my lunch because it isn’t just thrifty, it helps me to stay warm for longer! Hot drinks also help you to stay warmer for longer. If you don’t like leftovers then there are still plenty of healthy, thrifty ideas for a warm lunch. I quite like jacket potatoes – did you know that you can even freeze them?

Search for a cheaper energy tariff

The energy providers are always offering new tariffs, so it can be worth shopping around. I recently did a comparison and found that I could save over £20 per month by staying with the same energy provider but just switching tariffs. I did the whole thing online and including comparing prices with other providers it didn’t take more than 45 minutes. You may want to get a new boiler installed.

Put foil behind your radiators

If you feel the walls around your home without the heating on, they can be pretty cold, can’t they? The walls behind your radiators are soaking up the heat from the radiators and not heating up your home efficiently. One of the quickest and cheapest ways to solve this is to get some reflective board behind your radiators, but it can be quite pricy. Instead of purchasing this reflective board, I make my own using tin foil. The turkey sized foil is best for this, and you can find it reduced in lots of stores after Christmas. Simply get a sturdy piece of card (I usually use an old box) and cover it in foil before placing it behind your radiators. You will be surprised at what a difference it makes.

Here are some of my tips for keeping your energy bills low in winter, in collaboration with Premier Bathrooms.

How to keep your energy bills low in winter

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