June 2016 online income report

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How I made £4500 online in June 2016

Hello and welcome to June 2016's online income report. In June my goal was to earn £3,500 online, and I smashed it! I was a little worried about how the month would pan out – I was away on holiday for a week and I have been spending a lot of time working on my money making boot camp. The boot camp has been doing really well and it is great to see people smashing their targets and earning lots of money! However, it has meant that I have had less time to work on bringing in an income, which is why I am so thankful that I have a passive income.

How I made £4500 online in June 2016

Throughout June I managed my time really poorly – I am not quite sure what happened to make June that month, but it happened. It resulted in fewer blog posts going live, a lack of direction and fewer sponsored posts. However, I managed to pull my socks up within the last few days of the month – I bought Lena Gott's e-book about how she went from 17,000 page views to 350,000 page views in 9 months and I am feeling motivated and ready to SMASH my goal for July.

This month I am introducing goals in each area, and next month I'll report back as to how I got on.

Why I publish our income

Publishing our income holds us accountable to you, my readers. We want to achieve, we want to earn and quite frankly, we want you to congratulate us! We are able to look back at previous months when we need some more motivation or ideas to continue. Most importantly, we want to tell you how you can be making money! You might just want to make enough to cover your holiday spending money or you might want to quit your job all together. Whatever your financial needs are, you can earn extra.

Previous income reports

Here are our previous income reports if you would like to look back on our progress:

December 2015 – £2,676.46 (on holiday for a week)
January 2016 – £2,888.17
February 2016 – £2,520.43 (on holiday for 2 weeks)
March 2016 – £3,194.82
April 2016 – £3,579.34
May 2016 – £4,293.54

Affiliate earnings – £2,964.71

Whoa, I cannot believe that my affiliate earnings are nearing £3,000! This is an insane amount to me and just proves how much I love affiliate marketing. If you haven't seen it yet then check out my guide to getting started with affiliate marketing. I love seeing this amount increase every month – in October 2015 this amount was just £581.59. In June my affiliate income has increased by £364.26 and my goal is to keep growing this. Throughout June I didn't explore any new affiliate opportunities and instead I worked on my existing existing affiliates. Therefore my goal for July is to look at introducing 3 new affiliates.

Last month I mentioned how we are no longer working on our Facebook groups for deals and offers, and this hasn't led to a decrease in our affiliate income. In fact, it has increased because we aren't wasting lots of time working on those groups. It was definitely the right move for us! If you are interested in making your own website so that you can start making an affiliate income then I have a great video guide to get you started.

July goal: introduce 3 new affiliates throughout the month. I already have two in mind so I need to find a third, relevant option. 

My top blogging resources
Here are the products, services, courses and books I have used to get my blog to where it is today – earning me £thousands every single month.

Running my blog

TSO Host – Website hosting If you are looking to get your website up and running, I recommend using TSO host. Hosting packages start from just £1.25 a month!  Click here to visit my tutorial on building a self hosted Wordpress website with TSO Host. Studiopress – Wordpress theme The Genesis framework for Wordpress is fantastic, and I am using the “Brunch Pro” theme to create the website that you see in front of you. Click here to visit Studiopress and browse their available Wordpress themes. Pretty Link – makes affiliate link management a breeze I am now using the pro version of this plugin but the free version takes an affiliate link and makes them pretty. The pro version comes with some added bonuses, but the free lite version is fantastic too. Click here to get Pretty Link.

Courses & books

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing e-course – Michelle, who runs the course, is making a massive $50,000 (£38,000) a month from affiliates alone. Can you even begin to imagine what you would do with an income like that? In this course Michelle shares her tips and strategies for being successful at affiliate marketing. There are also some great course bonuses including a dedicated Facebook group where Michelle offers her personal help. Click here to take a look at the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing e-course.  Elite Blog Academy e-course is a wonderful e-course that I started earlier this year. Since implementing the changes I have learned on this course I have seen both my traffic and my income increase! When you register your interest in the course you will receive a FREE copy of 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight. Click here to register your interest in the Elite Blog Academy and get a FREE copy of 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight 17 Strategies I Used To Go From 17k to 350k+ Page Views in 9 Months – in this fantastic ebook Lena shares her tried and tested tips for increasing her pageviews over a 9 month period. I have started implementing some of the hints and tips that Lena shares and I am already seeing some growth. Click here to get your copy of 17 Strategies I Used To Go From 17k to 350k+ Page Views in 9 Months Will It Fly?: How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don't Waste Your Time and Money by Pat Flynn – I have only recently discovered Pat Flynn but I am amazed by what he is achieving. This is a great resource to help you figure out if your business idea will work – you will figure out whether your business idea has merit, whether it will succeed in the market you want to service and whether it is a good idea for YOU. Click here to get your copy of Will It Fly?: How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don't Waste Your Time and Money by Pat Flynn

Matched Betting – £447.18

Whenever I post a matched betting income that is less than normal, I get a lot of stick. However, I was away for a week and my time has been spent elsewhere. I am personally thrilled by this amount – this tax free, risk free money. Matched betting is a risk free, tax free way to earn extra money by utilising the bookmaker's offers. Although the name can sound daunting, despite not being a sports fan I have managed to pick it up after a matched betting free trial. The free trial gives you some fantastic training videos and allows you to make anything from £40-£60 whilst deciding if it is for you.

If you are still on the fence about matched betting then why not consider giving matched betting a free trial? You can make anything from £40 – £60 and see if it is for you – you have nothing to lose. There are two approaches to take when it comes to matched betting – you can decide to work through the initial offers, bag yourself anything from £1,000 – £2,000 for a one off (maybe to pay off a credit card or have a holiday), or you can look to have a steady matched betting income every month.

You can see all my previous matched betting income reports:

Remember that month 3 also overlaps into October – from now on I will be reporting the matched betting income per calendar month.

Since July 2015 I have made over £11,000 from matched betting, completely tax free! This amount has been completely life changing for us. 

July matched betting goal: To smash £1,000 again! I plan on doing more horse racing refund offers and dedicating more time to matched betting. 

Website earnings – £242.77

Website earnings include money received from sponsored posts and advertising. This is less than half of what I made in June, and this is down to not having as many sponsored posts throughout the month. As I mentioned, I got into a funk and I didn't want to litter the site with sponsored posts when I wasn't able to produce organic content. I recently increased my sponsored post fee meaning that posts have been higher paid and more relevant to my blog. We currently have six websites between us, and plans to launch another two but this has been delayed. We are really keen to continue to diversify our income and not rely too heavily on one website for an income.

July goal: increase the website earnings for the month. 

Gift cards – £80

I love earning gift cards, although I don't always include them on my income reports. These were all paid out in Amazon and Boots gift cards, from a sponsored post, Receipt Hog, Instagc, Buzzoole and Gift Hunter Club. I prefer to earn cold, hard cash but there is something nice about seeing my Amazon balance increase every month – especially seeing it increase for Christmas. This amount is NOT included in my total for the month.

Online surveys – £54.27

For three months in a row my income from surveys has been over the £50 mark, and long may it continue. Now that I am making a decent amount of money from matched betting and affiliate earnings, I don't really want to sit completing online surveys for a few pence. However, I really enjoy the surveys on Prolific Academic and MintVine, so I keep doing those whilst watching tv and I have also started completing more surveys for OnePoll. I view surveys as a way to unwind and get away from anything too heavy for a few minutes and the income is now just an added bonus.

July goal: keep the survey earnings over £50. 

Everything else – £821.34

With my affiliate earnings growing, I didn't feel the need to pursue much other work throughout June, plus being away meant that I couldn't. These earnings are slightly down from May's, but I am still pleased with them.

My other earnings consist of

Subtotal before expenses £4,530.27

Remember that this amount doesn't include tax, national insurance contributions, holiday pay and sick pay – for which we are putting aside 20-30% of our monthly income (excluding matched betting earnings as they are tax free).

Expenses – £716.57

Thankfully I have managed to keep my expenses a bit lower in June, but it has still been an expensive month.

  • Paypal fees (when I have received payment)
  • Landlord costs (mortgage, nothing else this month)
  • Board Booster – I have been using the free Board Booster program for a few months now to help me manage my Pinterest account, but I have now upgraded to a paid account which has really helped to increase my Pinterest referral traffic.
  • Staffing costs including my virtual assistant.
  • Postage for competition prizes and eBay sales

Total for June 2016 (after expenses) – £3,813.70

5 new posts in June

Here are some of the top new posts from June 2016:

  1. 17 tried and tested tips for selling on eBay
  2. Welcome to our garden (plus a video)
  3. What's awesome in Poundland in June 2016
  4. May 2016 online income report
  5. May's £100 grocery challenge results

My thoughts

Let's address the elephant in the room – my income is actually down £479.84 from May. If that's all I am going to lose for being away for a week then I am thrilled. I have identified areas that I can improve but I was also over my target of £3,500 for the month. I have always said that my goal is to reach £5,000 by December 2016 and I can't believe that I am this close to it and consistently hitting my goals! I am much happier and I have a lifestyle that I enjoy a lot more. I love helping others to earn extra money too, and seeing this happen in front of my eyes is absolutely wonderful!

Passive income chart June 2016

It is my long term strategy to keep growing my passive income – this is money I earn whilst I am sleeping or otherwise not actively working. It is great to see an increase here of £343.09. My passive income comes from my book sales, affiliate marketing and my rental property. Taking the time to grow our passive income in the winter months means that I am really looking forward to having more time off in summer – time to go to the beach, go on day trips and just enjoy being outside. As a result of my passive income increasing I have started to introduce more posts about passive income and how you can grow your own.

My plans for the next month and beyond

Our money making bootcamp has been taking a lot of my time up, but in a good way! I love helping others to reach and surpass their income goals and I am spending a good portion of every day working on this. There are only 3 more sessions left though, so once this is over I will have more time to pursue other earning avenues. I am still working my way through the Elite Blog Academy and Lena Gott's e-book about how she went from 17,000 page views to 350,000 page views in 9 months has been really inspirational. There is a lot that I need to change so I will start to slowly implement these changes.

Last month I mentioned our new working method, limiting it to just 4 hours a day. This has been great and something that I am keen to continue!

My goal is always to bring in more income – by December 2016 I want to be making £5,000 a month, which I have broken down in to monthly targets. Trying to find an extra £250 a month is a much easier challenge than trying to make £5,000 in a month from where I currently am!

As a reminder, here are my financial goals for the rest of 2016.

  • July – £3,750
  • August – £4,000
  • September – £4,250
  • October – £4,500
  • November £4,750
  • December £5,000

Do you like this income report? Would you like to see more of them in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments – we would love to hear from you.

How I made £4500 online in June 2016


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  1. This is so candid of you and really good for those who feel they cannot make it on their own. Well done for taking the wonderfully step of letting us all know it can be done.

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