Is smart/casual the most confusing dress code?

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When it comes to dress codes, there is one that I think is the most confusing ever: smart/casual. Ask any two people to describe smart/casual and they will give you different answers. In this post we are going to explore what smart/casual is, and which occasions might call for smart/casual attire.

What is smart/casual?

Smart/casual is exactly as it sounds – clothing that fits somewhere between formal attire and casual wear. It means not wearing a full suit, but also not wearing jeans and t-shirt.

When you might want to dress smart/casual

There are plenty of occasions where it is suitable to dress smart/casual.
They include:
  • First dates – you want to make a good impression but you also want to be comfortable. Turning up in a suit probably won't make the best impression.
  • Job interviews – make sure that smart casual is okay first, or whether you are expected to turn up in business attire.
  • Nights out – depending on where you are headed.
  • Business meetings – depending on the clients and where you are meeting.
  • The office.
  • Meeting new clients.
  • Some weddings (evening receptions, or where you aren't in the wedding party)

Knowing how to pair items together

Examples of smart/casual attire

One of the easiest ways to make an outfit smart casual is to think about what you would normally wear for casual wear, and then change one or two pieces to make the outfit look smarter.

That could mean changing from jeans into smart trousers, or switching a t-shirt for a shirt or blouse.

The importance of underwear

Did you know that the underwear you wear can change your look from smart casual to just casual?

For example, wearing a brightly coloured or patterned bra that shows through a t-shirt or blouse can be the thing that takes your outfit from smart casual to just casual. Even different textures can make your top look uneven. Choosing the right bra is important to your look, and Chums have lots to choose from.

Tips for nailing smart/casual

  • Don't wear anything that you wouldn't wear to work – that's things like sequins, ripped jeans, distressed t-shirts and the like.
  • Jeans are okay, but try to choose a darker denim with a good fit.
  • If you are in doubt then dress smarter. Feeling under dressed is going to affect your self esteem and confidence and it is better to be over dressed than under dressed.
  • Your shoes can transform your look from casual to smart very easily.
  • Investing in quality pieces of clothing will upgrade your wardrobe and your look instantly.
  • Keep your look simple and sleek by not wearing two different patterns against each other.

Don't undo your look by not grooming

The best smart casual attire in the world can all be undone by looking unkept.

For men it could mean keeping their beard trimmed, and for women it could be tackling frizzy hair.

Keeping up with personal grooming can really pull your whole smart casual look together.

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