Is Muscle Food good value for money?

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Is Muscle Food good value for money?

The Muscle Food new customer offer costs £75 for £144.60 worth of food, but is it really worth it? Muscle Food kindly sent us a hamper to review, so let's find out if Muscle Food is good value for money.  Now that we have tried everything at least once, I am really excited to share my review with you. Is Muscle Food good value for money? Check out the unboxing video at the end of this post!

Premium Chicken Breast Fillets – 2 x 2.5kg

The chicken breasts are huge, easily double the size of supermarket chicken breasts. 5 kilos gave us enough to fill a drawer in our freezer and give some to each of our parents. One chicken breast is easily enough for the two of us, especially cut up into paella or a curry – and we have big appetites. You can get the best value for money by cutting these up into meals or even halving a breast. The RRP for these is £38.

muscle food good value for money

Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks – 2 x 6-7oz

Oh my word, these rump steaks are fabulous! Muscle Food describe them as “melt in the mouth” and I would completely agree. They have a sweet taste and a buttery texture, really delicious! The RRP is £12 which I wouldn't pay for two steaks, but in this new customer offer they are fantastic value for money.

muscle food good value for money

British Beef Hache Steaks – 4 x 6-7oz

I had to search the internet to find out what on earth hache steaks were, and I was expecting a burger. However, these are in a class of their own. With 90% beef, these hache steaks were really juicy and full of flavour. They were also very hearty! The RRP is £16.

Is Muscle Food good value for money?

British Extra Lean Steak Mince – 2 x 400g

When Muscle Food call this extra lean mince, they mean extra lean mince! With a minimum of 95% visual lean fat content, Muscle Food state that this will be the leanest mince you will find. Each pack was big enough to give us two meals (for two of us). RRP £8.58

Whole Corn-Fed Chicken – 1 x 1.2kg

Once our oven was fixed, I couldn't wait to cook a roast dinner. This 1.2kg chicken had no added water or salt, meaning that it didn't shrink and it tasted amazing! Being 1.2kg, we were able to stretch it out over a few meals – a roast dinner, sandwiches, curry, wraps and then soup. I wouldn't pay the RRP of £16 for this, but again, this makes the package great value for money.

Premium Diced Turkey Breast – 2 x 400g

I am all for convenience, and this diced turkey breast offers just that. With two packs we made kebabs and curry. Full of flavour (and protein), I loved these! RRP is £11.38.

muscle food good value for money

Lean Chicken Breast Sausages – 12 x 75g

I have only ever had a chicken sausage once – Nando's at Gatwick airport before going on honeymoon, so I was really keen to try these. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but these were delicious! First we tried them just as sausages in toad in the hole, then after our oven packed up we've had them cut up in pasta dishes. RRP £10.

Lite Beef Burgers – 2 x 4oz

With only 95 calories per 100g, these burgers are great for anyone who is watching their weight! Taste is not compromised either, and these didn't shrink when cooking. RRP £7.96

Meaty Pork Sausages – 6 x 75g

Juicy and delicious, these sausages were a great addition. RRP £7

Giant British Lean Meatballs 6 x 56g

When Muscle Food call these giant meatballs, they aren't lying! Made from 100% steak trimmings, these meatballs were lovely. Honestly we could have eaten two each and that be fine – three were just too much. RRP £4.

Low Fat Bacon Medallions – 14 x 25g

There's not a lot I can say about bacon – it is awesome and this bacon didn't fail. RRP £4.05

muscle food good value for money


Muscle Food also throw in 500g of shredded red cabbage (RRP £1.99) 500g of sweet potato fries (RRP £2.99) and a 500g slow cooker mix (RRP £2.99) into the new customer offer.

Is Muscle Food good value for money?

Will I order from Muscle Food again? Yes! First of all, is it good value for money? All this meat for just £75 is a great new customer offer, and there are weekly offers available – for example, 2,8kg of super lean mince for just £6.30. Secondly, everything tastes great! Nothing shrinks whilst cooking, meaning the meat can stretch out over a few meals.

Whilst Muscle Food does focus on high protein meat for people who are seriously training, they still offer fantastic value for money for the non-gym goers amongst us.

Have you ordered from Muscle Food before? I'd love to know what you thought.

Is Muscle Food good value for money?

6 Comments on “Is Muscle Food good value for money?”

  1. If you are a member of the ‘Feed Your Family For About £20 A Week’ facebook group (, they regularly work with muscle foods and regularly post codes and offers for money offer/better deals, so it is worth joining if you plan to use muscle foods regularly. They’ve just posted links for their special Christmas hampers. They also regularly post money saving ideas and recipes.

  2. Absolute rubbish… no way would 1 of these chicken breasts be enough for two people. This is obviously a fake review. I used to be a great fan of musclegood about 4 years ago when the company was a lot smaller but the past 18 months has really seen the quality drop. The chicken breasts now have added water and the weights of the chops and steaks have all been reduced to keep the price the same. Add to that that no care is now taken in the packing process with items being squashed and sometimes missing all together. Very disappointing from what used to be s fantastic company

  3. Just had my first hamper last month. Me and my partner think it was worth the price and the meat is lovely and tasty.

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