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I first heard about iPoll through a Swagbucks survey (you can read my Swagbucks guide here) and I am so glad that I did! iPoll have both a smart phone app and a website where you can earn money for completing surveys. The web version of iPoll is pretty much what you'd expect from a survey website. There are regular surveys across a wide range of subjects, and payment tends to be between 50p – £2.

Have you tried iPoll yet? You can earn money for completing surveys. The web version of iPoll is pretty much what you'd expect from a survey website by Emma at EmmaDrew.info #survey #makingmoney #moneymaking #earnmoney

However, using the iPoll app is where things start to get more lucrative. There are a number of tasks to complete, either whilst out shopping or filming videos of your opinions on various matters. The shopping missions involve visiting a particular retailer and purchasing an item – a recent one I completed was a beverage purchase, with the reward being £5. The task involved uploading the receipt and answering a few demographic questions, such as gender and age. Earlier in the year, they carried out the “Brit's Voice” study, which involved filming yourself for 3-5 minutes a day talking about a topic they provided – and once even filming the contents of your fridge. As well as receiving a payment for each video and question I answered during this study, they also provided an additional reward of £53.77.


You can redeem your earnings in numerous ways. The redemptions are listed in US Dollars, but this is converted to GBP at the current exchange rate.

$23 (roughly £14-£15):
Amazon gift card
New Look eGift card
iTunes code
Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account
M&S online voucher
WOW HD gift card
Pizza Express

$25 (roughly £15-£16):
Rixty online entertainment card

$50 (roughly £30-£32):
Paypal (a 3% transaction fee is applied if you decide to redeem via Paypal)

I've been using iPoll for a few months now, and I'm very impressed that my overall earnings to date are almost £100. You can use the app alongside the website, so you're never short of earning opportunities. I requested my payout via Amazon and Paypal on 29/08/13 and I received my Amazon gift card code on 01/09/13 and my Paypal payment on 5/09/13.




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