My introduction to passive income

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My introduction to passive income

One area that I really want to improve on is my passive income. Passive income is an income that you don't directly work for, or you do the work once and keep getting paid. For example, any interest you earn on investment would be a passive income, or if you wrote a book then your royalties would also be passive income.

Creating a passive income is about putting in the hard work now to reap the benefits later. Passive income does not start coming in overnight – it could take years to get enough passive income to really make a change in your life. It took me 5 years of blogging alongside a full time job before I was able to leave my job and focus on my online income, and even then it took 4 months of working on it full time before my passive income reached the same amount I was earning from my full time job.

Check out 7 ways for students to earn a passive income.

Passive income chart June 2016

It is a lot of hard work and there are no quick fixes. There are tried and tested methods out there but it is about finding what works for you. You need to be passionate about what you do because you will spend a lot of time doing it. However, by generating a passive income you can start to experience financial freedom and the ability to work when you want to work and spend your life doing what you want to do.

Some ideas for generating a passive income

There are plenty of ways to generate a passive income, no matter what your interests are and what your skills are – if you are interested in creating a passive income then there are things you can do to get started earning a passive income. Some ideas rely on needing a start up investment – such as rental property, and others, such as writing an e-book, can be done without any initial outlay.


Blogging is by far my biggest earner, due to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a really simple idea – you find a product or service that you like and rate highly and you earn a commission when a sale is achieved as a result of your promotion of that product or service. There are so many great benefits to affiliate marketing and my favourite is that it can generate a passive income for years to come. I have written my full guide to getting started with affiliate marketing which will help you to decide which programs are right for you and it contains everything you need to get started.

Writing a book

Last year I published my first ever e-book, 50 iPhone Apps To Earn Cash, and since then it has been ticking over, generating a small but steady income every month. The whole process was a real eye opener and I could not have done it without reading How To Make Money Writing and Publishing eBooks written by Hayley from Disease Called Debt. This is easily one of the best guides I have read on the topic and it helped me immensely throughout the whole process. Hayley has also written two great e-books available on Amazon: 101 Ways To Earn Money From Home and Achieving Debt Freedom so be sure to check them out.

A book can be written on almost every topic, so you can easily turn your passion for your favourite hobby into a great and profitable e-book, as well as fiction and poetry. I turned something that I am passionate about (earning money) into an e-book and now I get monthly royalties from the sales.

After months of working on my e-book I was not able to pick up on any errors so I strongly recommend that you get a professional to proof read your book. If you are looking for a proof reader for your e-book then I can highly recommend Rebecca. She was diligent and also managed to get the book proof read in a timely manner. Rebecca also took a look at my writing style so she knew what I was trying to convey.

Renting out property

I was extremely fortunate enough to purchase my first house aged just 18 years old and now, 10 years later, it is providing me with a steady passive income stream in the form of monthly rental income. It hasn't been plain sailing along the way and it has taken a lot of time and investment to get it to this stage. Renting out property does come with risks though – as a landlord I am responsible for any repairs and any annual maintenance costs and associates costs. There is also the chance that the property depreciates in value and leaves me in negative equity. However, it is currently turning a profit and generating a steady passive income.

Develop e-courses

If there is a subject that you know a lot about then developing an e-course is a great way to generate a passive income. Recently I registered for the Elite Blog Academy which was quite pricey, but so far it has been worth every penny. Not only is Ruth helping me to improve my blog and bring in more revenue, she is also earning an income herself from running the course. The course includes handouts and videos that Ruth has already created once and she can now continue to monestise.

Savings and investments

Having savings and investments should, in theory, earn you a passive income from interest and/or dividend payments. With interest rates currently being so low we have been looking to invest our savings elsewhere. The world of investment might seem scary, but I have been enjoying reading Nicola's investment journey including her dividend payments. Later this month I will be bringing you a great peer to peer lending offer from RateSetter where you can get an extra £100 bonus for investing £1,000 for 12 months, on top of the interest you earn.


Cashback websites such as Quidco and Top Cashback are great ways to earn money passively. Not only can you visit these websites before making a purchase online, you can register your payment cards and get cashback in high street stores. As well as using cashback websites, you can also use cashback current accounts and cashback credit cards to earn cash from your usual spending. This is a really simple way to earn some extra passive income.

I have had great success with Quidco, earning over £1,800 in cashback.


Are you a pro at making a spreadsheet? Or perhaps you can create some printables? If you can create a downloadable product that there is a demand for then you can set up an automated process where a buyer purchases your product and then receives a digital copy as soon as they have paid. Here your investment is your time – the time it takes to create a great spreadsheet, printables or something else that will serve a purpose. Recently I have seen a blog income spreadsheet for $20 that I am considering purchasing, so there really is a need for everything!


Creating videos for YouTube is another way that you can generate passive income. You can create videos on a wide range of topics – daily vlogs, recipes, beauty, playing games and even Disney World trips can all be monetised to bring in a passive income. Creating videos will take some time, but these days you can record and edit HD video clips straight from your smart phone, meaning that you won't need to invest any money to get started. My personal income from YouTube  has gone up significantly since I reached 1,000 subscribers last month.

These are just some ways that you can earn a passive income. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about generating a passive income!

My introduction to passive income


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  1. Another great post Emma and a few things I will certainly be checking out!

    One of my favourite ways of generating passive income is through Neobux. I have made over $400 with it without making any deposit and highly recommend checking it out. (I can provide ref link and guidance if you would like to try it). Also LTW is just amazing and I have hit my target of earning £1000 per month within 6 weeks 🙂

  2. your eBook link describes it as being a Kindle…does that mean it won’t work on my iPad Air or am i being a dummy lol

    1. Hi Rich, its a bit confusing, but if you download the free Kindle app to your iPad then you’ll be able to read it 🙂

  3. Thanks Emma for the very good summary. For Passive Income, I think there are many new peer to peer options available and are in my view a very good option . Thanks and best wishes to you. Al

  4. Hello are using WordPress for your site platform?
    I’mnew to the blog world but I’m trying to get stzrted and set up my own. Do you
    require any coding expertise to make your own blog?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi! Yes I use WordPress and coding knowledge can help but it’s definitely not necessary to get started. I’d recommend looking up tutorials on YouTube on how to get started! There’s plenty out there to help.

      Good luck with your blog!

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