Important Bubblews Update

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Last year I blogged about Bubblews, where you are paid for writing short posts. In fact, Bubblews turned into a great earner for me, hitting $50 (around £30) every 4-7 days. Then Bubblews announced a change to the way they reward members, which saw my $50 every few days go to $50 every month and then lower. In fact, since mid-December I haven't even made $2.

Imagine my surprise to receive a message from Bex on New Year's Eve telling me to check Bubblews.They had just made an announcement. They were not honouring any pay out requests from before 11 November. I immediately checked my account and found that I've lost $100. Whilst $100 is a lot to lose, especially when I have earned it myself, it is a reminder that nothing is guaranteed when you are earning online. That's why it is best to stretch yourself over a few websites and not rely on one thing as a source of income. Everything Bubblews did, although extremely unprofessional and unfair, is okay by their terms and conditions. Bubblews is definitely not for me any more.

I would love to hear about your experiences with this update.

Ps. If you are looking for a Bubblews alternative, try Milk The Blog!

One Comment on “Important Bubblews Update”

  1. I was distrustful of Bubblews before I joined – always had a feeling in my gut. I joined out of curiosity and to be proven wrong.

    I’m owed two payments. I deleted all my content when the second payment was a no-show.

    That feeling I had. I think I may have been right.

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