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Something magical happened though. I was clearing out my room the other day and I came across some scrap gold – a few broken necklaces and bracelets, a couple of old rings and some coins – and I sold them to one of those “cash for gold” places. I would have been happy with around £20. In fact, £50 would be “beyond my wildest dreams” for some crap old jewellery. I checked online, and after reading reviews, decided to sell to Hatton Garden Metals.
Yes, you read that right, £698.82! £75 of it was for my colleague, but I was so impressed. The money was in my bank the day after posting – not even 24 hours after posting off the gold.

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  1. Omg!!! Which website did you use to sell your gold.. i have some scrap earings and bit I could sell and I could do with the money for my holiday in October. Please mention the website on your blog post.

    Thanks Maureen

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