How I plan to make £1,000 this month

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How I plan on making £1,000 this month

I love the start of a new month, it is a great time to celebrate last month's achievements and set new goals. In July I want to make £1,000 from all of my personal earning streams – this is money that I make outside of the business (eBay reselling, blogging, etc). Here is how I plan to make £1,000 this month.

How to make £1,000

Why have I decided to make £1,000?

I like big numbers, and £1,000 was a nice, round amount to aim for.

I want to use the money to go straight into my savings – we will be in America for Black Friday this year, and I can't wait to hit up the bargains. This money will most likely be spent on one of our Orlando trips later in the year.


The first thing I plan to do to help me to make £1,000 is to continue having a declutter. How will this help me to make £1,000? I plan on selling lots of the items I find, in a variety of ways.

One of the best ways is for me to list my unwanted items on eBay, but there is also Mercari, Music Magpie, Ziffit and Facebook groups.

I am constantly trying to declutter, however I never seem to get around to actually listing items for sale. I started off with a £10 sale on Mercari and this has motivated me to keep going. I have about three boxes of my personal, unwanted items to get rid of.

Matched betting

The next thing that I plan on doing to help me make £1,000 is matched betting.

If you haven't heard of matched betting, it is a completely legal and legit way to use the free bonuses that bookies offer to make a guaranteed profit. I've been doing it for two years now, and you can read more about matched betting here.

Best of all, the earnings are tax free.

Selling my old iPhone

I recently upgraded my iPhone to the iPhone 7, so I can sell my old one to help me to make £1,000. I hate selling old phones on eBay, something always goes wrong, so this time I am taking it straight to CEX and getting a little bit less than I would get from eBay, but I will walk away with cash in my pocket.

Completing online surveys

These days there are three main survey websites that I use; Prolific Academic, Mintvine and OnePoll, and I'll be keeping up with completing online surveys with them.

I will only count any earnings here as they hit my bank account.

Mystery shopping

I love mystery shopping – it is a great way to get free meals out and free shopping. Plus you also earn a fee on top.

I plan on doing a few mystery shopping tasks this month to help me to make £1,000. Don't forget there's this one mystery shop you can complete for £50.

Keeping on track of my goal to make £1,000

I have set myself a really big goal, and in order to keep myself motivated and on track with my goal I am going to be using my 1% at a time printable, which you can get completely free from here.

The idea is this – you take your goal and divide it by 100 to find your 1%, which in my case is £10. Then you find 100 ways to make or save your 1%. This helps me to keep on track and have a visual reminder of my goal.

Plus, £10 seems a lot easier to make than £1,000!

How to make £1,000

How I plan to make £1,000

6 Comments on “How I plan to make £1,000 this month”

  1. A real English girl making money online, that is wonderful and very encouraging.

    I am going to learn so much from you so thanks in advance.

    I loved your Poundland video. I have come to your site from there and followed you on Pinterest too.

  2. Hi Emma
    Always love your poundland video’s and its something I look forward to every month. Sad I know but I’ve bought loads of things that I probably wouldn’t have noticed before. Absolutely love the idea of the 1% at a time challenge. May have to have a go at that one.
    Thanks for all your tips and inspiration

    1. Thank you Tracey, that’s so kind of you. So pleased you like the Poundland videos as I love recording them.

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