What I got in the Boxing Day sales

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What I got in the Boxing Day sales

Every year I head out to the Boxing Day sales, mainly to visit Lush and Boots. Here are the bargains I found in the 2016 Boxing Day sales.

What I got in the Boxing Day sales

This year we visited Peterborough for our sales shopping, armed with a list of what we wanted to get. I'll admit that after 4 stores we just gave up and came home!

The first store was Lush, where we were queuing from 8.30! The queue outside was a little annoying – people arriving later than us pushing in front, but the real chaos started when the store opened at 9. And I do mean chaos! I have never witnessed anything like it before – I was pushed and shoved from every angle, and people were just GRABBING anything and everything they could. People were literally grabbing the bowls that the discounted bath bombs were placed in. It was pure greed – not that I'm judging, I was there too! I got pretty much nothing on my detailed wishlist – there were only about 5 different gift sets to choose from and no Snow Fairy. My favourite product, Ocean Salt, wasn't in the half price sale but I still grabbed one at full price. I didn't have a list of bath ballistics and melts – I just wanted enough to last me throughout 2017, and I definitely did!

The queue to pay was insane. Almost two hours (1 hour 45 mins) spent just queuing to pay! I made friends with a lovely South African woman in the queue and as new products were being brought out we'd take it in turns to go and reccy for each other! The staff were so patient and lovely though, very patient with everyone! Overall we spent £120 with one item being full price (Ocean Salt at £14.95).

Was the chaos in store worth it? Honestly…no! I love a bargain and I have been doing the Lush Boxing Day sale for years now, but I have never seen it this bad. Usually there's a bit of respect for others and less pushing and shoving, but not this year. A discounted bath bomb is definitely not worth being rude to someone for!

It seems that the Lush website is also having issues – I've seen it go down and I've seen queues reach 90,000! According to their Twitter page they don't have much left!

Whilst Tony stayed in line he kindly let me venture to Boots. A quick stop off at M&S for Prosecco crisps and a drink, I was on my way to Boots.

It was a similar hell to Lush – a lot bigger but a lot more rude people. I could barely look at anything without being pushed or shoved, with two…just TWO people thanking me or saying excuse me. I saw loads of things that I thought we would both like, but after one push too many I just grabbed my stuff and went to pay.

I treated myself to The Whole Glam Lot from Soap and Glory, as well as some smaller purchases. I love the kitten make up bag!  And the Zoella stationery sets are SO cute, I had to have one for myself and one for a giveaway (so stay tuned to my social media for that giveaway!).

Finally, we went to Superdrug which was almost empty! A welcome change from Boots, I picked up a Zoella hamper, Tony got a gift set and I grabbed some toiletries we were short of.

I'm not sure we'll attempt them again – it was crazy hectic but everything was sold out online before we even got there!

Did you manage to get some bargains in the Boxing Day sales?


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