How to Sell on Facebook

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With the rise in eBay fees and eBay cases opening, Facebook selling groups provide a great alternative marketplace. With a less formal approach, no fees, and in most cases, no postage, it is becoming my preferred method for selling items, especially larger items.

With a less formal approach, no fees, and in most cases, no postage, selling on Facebook is becoming a preferred method for selling items by Emma at #Selling #SellingMoney #Reselling #FacebookReselling

Selling on Facebook is easy. You upload your items and if someone is interested then they arrange to come and collect it from you. Remember that these groups are run by general members of the public and not Facebook. There is no seller or buyer protection like on eBay and you should treat your purchases and sales as “sold as seen”. Here are a few simple steps to get you started.

1. Find groups to join. Simply log into Facebook and to find a group, type in the name of the town, city of county that you live in, and try a variation of “for sale”, “selling”, “bay” (as in eBay) etc to find suitable groups.  Before joining, check the rules out as they vary between groups.


2. Make an album on your Facebook profile, being sure to make it public so that people who aren't on your friends list can see it.

Image53. Take photos of your items and upload them to your selling album. Add descriptions of your items and include your location and price that you're asking. 

4. Go ahead and “share” these on the Facebook selling groups that you've joined. Be sure to copy over the text from the photos onto the group.

5. Each group will have a different rule about “bumping” you post. Every time your post gets a comment it gets bumped up to the top of the group. You can usually bump your own post up after 24 hours.


6. Make sure you check your “others” message folder, as messages from people who aren't on your friend list are sent to the “others” folder.


  • No fees.
  • Ability to share an entire album.
  • Great for selling anything from small items to bulky furniture.
  • Ability to “bump” your items to increase exposure.


  • The Facebook search facility is rubbish, making it difficult to find your post again.
  • No buyer or seller protection.
  • Buyers often let you down – either by not turning up or not replying to your messages.

How to Sell on Facebook-2

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