How to Save Money in the Office

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A lot of us bloggers work from home and the costs of running your own business can very quickly start adding up. Especially when it comes to all your office supplies. I'm here today to share 5 ways you can save money on your office supplies.


1. Cancel recurring subscriptions

When starting up your business, it's inevitable you'll end up outsourcing work either to freelancers or to software. A great way to save money is to have a regular audit of your software and expenses. This will allow you to see what is actually giving you a return in your business. For example, you may be paying £50 per month for a piece of software that you could actually outsource. You may be able to complete yourself in a few hours. This means you can cancel that unnecessary drain on your expenses immediately and save money!

2. Find free software

When you're in the early stages of your business I cannot recommend starting small and simple enough! Whatever software is necessary for your business I can assure you there will be a free alternative out there. For example, instead of investing big bucks into software like Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use the free alternative Canva. Canva offers free to use high-quality professional templates, and designs for anything your business may need, from logos to fonts.

3. Buy compatible Printer Ink

Printer Ink can add up to be one of your most expensive ongoing costs if you're a regularly printing out things such as shipping labels.

One way I've managed to cut costings down on my ink and toner is by using the website to buy my printer ink and toner from. Which Cartridge offers a HUGE range of printer ink and toner cartridges which are sold at almost wholesale prices. Buying your ink in bulk at once can save you a huge amount of money rather than topping up with smaller cartridges several times throughout the year. They also sell compatible versions of ink which work perfectly in your printer for a fraction of the cost of the official brands!

One example for me is purchasing Compatible HP 85A toner. If I'd have bought HP's version of this toner directly from them it would have cost me £55.49 whereas this compatible HP ink was only £12.67 which ended up being a saving of 77%!

4. Sell Unused items

If you take a look through your office I'm sure you'll end up finding a lot of things not getting as used as you much as you thought they might. Whether it's an unused office chair, an old laptop or printer that has been replaced by a newer model I'd recommend selling these things on. You'll also free up some extra space in your office so it's win-win! Check out this post below for ideas on things you can sell to earn money

10 Easy things to sell right now to make money

5. Outsource tasks

If you're running your own business or blog, it's important you have awareness of where your time is best spent in relation to how much money you can bring in. If you find yourself spending too many hours a day on low-return tasks, find a piece of software or a freelancer to invest in. This will free up mental space and time for you to put all your efforts within the areas of your business where you can get the highest returns.

Hope these ideas have given you something to think about for your own office!

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