How to only pay the price you want to pay

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Isn't it great to get a bargain? I love to shop in the sales, clearance racks or yellow sticker shelves so that I get to purchase items for the prices that I want to pay. This leaves me more money in my pocket to spend on other things. Wouldn't it be great if you could set the price you want to pay for an item and then be notified when a sale or promotion brings it to that price? I've teamed up with PIWoP to tell you about their amazing tool to help ensure that you only ever pay the amount that you want to pay.

I have a long wish list of items I want to get, either for myself or for the house, that I will purchase when they come on sale. Some of them are:

  • A full sized tumble dryer (we have a small one)
  • A full sized dish washer (again, we have a small one)
  • A Shark vacuum
  • New bath towels

However, I don't want to pay full price for any of these.

We have them all already, they are all functional and we just want to upgrade them. Which is why I won't want to pay full price for them.

This is where PIWoP, or Price I Want To Pay, comes in.

What is PIWoP?

PIWoP is both a website and a smart phone app that allows you to set price notifications for items that you want to purchase.

Once a sale or another price reduction happens, you will get an alert telling you that the item or items you want are on sale.

Using PIWoP saves you time from having to keep an eye on sales and other price changes.

How to use PIWoP

You can either choose the smartphone app or the web browser and registering is really simple.

You can also log in using Facebook if you prefer.

Once you have confirmed your account you can either download the browser extension or app. I went for the browser extension.

You can then start adding items to your PIWoP list by searching for them on retailers' websites.

Once you have an item loaded, simply click on the extension on your browser to bring up the alert menu. Set it up to whatever price you want and make sure to save it.

PIWoP will now alert you when the item's price is reduced.

You can add as many items as you like.

PIWoP lists

If you are anything like me then you will have a lot of products you want to get on sale.

With PIWoP you can also make lists to keep track of the items you are watching.

How much does PIWoP cost?

Your first PIWoP is free, so you can easily get started without it costing you anything.

Only after you have received your second price drop alert, so you have saved already, do they invite you to pay a subscription (currently £4.79 twice a year). This seems a really small price to pay for 6 months of money-saving opportunities.

Donate with PIWoP

If you want to give back after PIWoP has saved you money then you can choose to make a donation to WWF-UK

Now is the best time to use PIWoP

There are so many great sales happening soon, making it one of the best times to use PIWoP.

In November we have Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Sales to make use of, and PIWoP can save you time by notifying you of sales and other discounts.

With Christmas coming up it is also a great time to set up your notifications for the items that you want to purchase, from presents to home decor.

Click here to register and set up your first PIWoP for free. 

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