How to make £1,000 a month every month

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Welcome to the third and final blog post in a series telling you how you can earn an extra £100, £500 or £1,000+ per month.

Earning an extra £1,000 consistently every month online might sound impossible, but it is extremely achievable! As long as you have some time to dedicate and you only work with the websites/apps that work for you then you should be able to achieve it.

Imagine what an extra £1,000 a month would mean to you, without selling Avon or delivering leaflets! 

Firstly, you need to have completed the steps in my two previous posts – how to make £100 a month and how to make £500 a month. These will form the basis for your earnings, and from them you can grow.

Start a blog to make £1,000 every month

Starting a blog is a great way to not only earn some extra cash, but also to become part of a community. Once your blog is up and running then you will want to start thinking about how you will make money from it. There are many ways to make money from creating a blog – sponsored posts, advertising, affiliate marketing and more. You can get started easily on Blogger or pay for paid hosting and a domain name ( for example). Making money from blogging isn't quick – it can take months, if not years to start earning a decent income, it isn't a quick fix.

Here is my tutorial for starting a blog. 

Affiliate marketing

Do you have a blog or other social media influence? If you already have an audience listening to what you have to say then affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra cash. Simply recommend products using your affiliate link and if your reader clicks through and makes a purchase then you can earn a percentage of that sale as affiliate earnings. I have a full guide to getting started with affiliate marketing, including a few companies I recommend starting out with.

Matched betting to make £1,000 every month

I finally embarked on matched betting in July 2015 and I made £12,000 in 12 months of matched betting. It is a fantastic way to earn extra cash, completely risk free. Even better, there's no tax to pay. It is really simple, especially when you utilise Profit Accumulator. I have got most of my extended family involved now (hello everyone!) as it is so simple and so profitable.

Search engine evaluator

When you work as a search engine evaluator you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, meaning that I don't have too much I can tell you about it. Depending on the company you work for (you can't work for more than one at a time and they do communicate) you will have to work a minimum number of hours per week at an hourly rate. The work tends to be on a 6 month contract (again, depending on the company you work for) and contracts may be renewed. There is a lengthy training period and a test, so think is something to bear in mind. Some job vacancies for search engine evaluators are with Leapforce and Appen (search for jobs in the UK).

Buy to sell

Visit charity shops (is it okay to buy at charity shops to sell on eBay?) and car boot sales to find items you think you can sell for more elsewhere, usually eBay. Remember that if you are buying to sell, as opposed to decluttering your own items, you will need to pay tax. If you are interested in doing this then check out what to buy at boot sales to sell on eBay.

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7 Comments on “How to make £1,000 a month every month”

  1. I can only image how great £1000 extra a month would be for us! Some great ideas here and ones I can do straight away like Amazon affiliate marketing and the people per hour roles!

    Thank you! Going to have a read up on them!!
    Natalya @ Cottage Retreatist xx

  2. Great tips! I can’t imagine having an extra £1,000 every month, it would be so helpful!

  3. Wow, you have so many ideas happening here. I love Affiliate Marketing, nothing like making money while promoting products you actually like too.

  4. Excellent article, I will try some of the things you mentioned above am sure it will help me. I could do with an extra 1000 a month to help with bills.

  5. Great post. I’m looking into reselling opportunities and I just got my exam date for Leapforce! Thanks for the ideas 😀

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