How to Increase your Confidence when Buying and Selling Online on Gumtree and Other Online Marketplaces

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Online marketplaces have opened up a whole new world when it comes to buying things second hand, anything and everything you could possibly want is just a few taps away on your phone or computer. They are quickly becoming many people’s number one place to buy and sell items, and many even make a career out of it!

There’s no time like the present to get started with buying and selling online, you can snap up furniture at a fraction of the selling price or get some money for that cumbersome desk that you’ve had since your student days. Either way, you are bound to save money or make money when you use online marketplaces, such as Gumtree. 

As we’ve established, online marketplaces are fantastic. But have you ever found yourself holding back from making a purchase because you’re unsure of the condition of an item? Or perhaps you’ve been put off selling an item as you have wondered whether you’ll be guaranteed to receive payment, or if the buyer will even turn up? Since buying and selling over the internet is still a relatively new phenomenon, the fear of the unknown can sometimes rear its head and leave you feeling unsure about whether online marketplaces are right for you. In fact, 18% of people have never used an online marketplace.

According to new research by Gumtree, we’re missing out on a £496.20 in potential savings per person each year because we don’t feel comfortable negotiating when buying via online marketplaces. I’m here to tell you that online marketplaces are the best way I know to buy and sell second-hand goods, and the reason for that is the huge audience that you have access to as well as the support that you receive whilst using them.

Gumtree is an amazing, online marketplace where people sell everything from cars to cardigans, and you can be assured that it offers support to its buyers and sellers at all times. Gumtree is already used by 1 in 3 adults every month and is the UK’s number one classified website and app, which makes it the perfect place to buy and sell your larger household items. Gumtree just launched an incredible guide to help you trade online called The Etiquette of Buying and Selling Online: Seven Steps to Stress-Free Buying and Selling Using Online MarketplacesThis guide is an absolute must-read if you are on the fence about delving into buying and selling online, even if you’re already an established online trader, you may still pick up some new tips.

The guide contains seven fantastic steps to a stress-free online marketplace experience. Not only do the steps help you to sell stress-free, but they also offer great ways to make sure that you are able to get a great price for the items you are selling and stay safe too.

To build up your confidence when selling online, Gumtree points out in its guide that it’s important to do your research. Have a look at existing items listed on the online marketplace which are similar to the item you are hoping to sell. This will help you to gauge the average selling price of the item, how popular the item is with buyers, and the listings may even give some clues as to what key words could work for your own listing titles. When selling your once-loved possessions, getting the advertising right is really important. You need to make sure that your photos and description refer to any faults or damage on the item you are listing. Make sure that everything is clear and concise, and you will be less likely to have any fall outs or awkward situations when the buyer comes to collect the item.

To build up your confidence when buying online, Gumtree recommends that you pay attention to all the details within a listing and use your common sense – there’s no point buying something half-way up the country to realise that, actually, you don’t have the time or the money to get there and back.

When you are collecting your item, Gumtree advises you should always examine what you are buying before handing over the cash – it’s so important to check the item over for any damage which wasn’t mentioned in the listing. If you are buying something electrical, make sure you plug it in to check that it is in good working order before walking away with it and closing the deal.

After attending Gumtree and the How to Academy’s workshop about The Etiquette of Buying and Selling online, I was shocked to find that a massive £6.5 BILLION is lost by not haggling. Often, we just need to ask the question, or even make an audible gasp when being told the price of something, to be able to get a discount or some freebies thrown in. Another great idea by Gumtree if you really can't bring yourself to haggle is to trade instead. This can work for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can get the price they want but secure the sale by throwing in extra items. For example, if you are selling a used phone and you want a certain price for it, you can throw in the box and accessories for free. Likewise, if you are a buyer who wants a bargain, you can pay the asking price on the condition that you get some extras thrown in – like the box, accessories and phone cases.

Want to finesse your online trading skills even further? I have some good news for you. Gumtree is holding a practical workshop which you can join in with! The workshop will cover some exclusive tips on how to negotiate when buying and selling on online marketplaces. You are bound to pick up some insider know-how to really maximise your online marketplace experience – whether you are a buyer or a seller. The workshop will take place on 4th September 2018 at the Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design- don’t miss out! You can sign up here:


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