Lush Boxing Day Sale 2018

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Lush Boxing Day Sale 2017

Despite my thrifty ways, there is something that I cannot live without – my Lush baths! I mean, have you seen my bathtub? A Lush bath is a great way to relax – couple it with some nice candles and I am very happy. However, Lush isn't the most budget-friendly cosmetic brand.

Every year I manage to save 50% on my favourites, keeping me stocked up for the next 12 months. Here's how you can make mega savings, and help your Lush items to last longer. I'm going to show you how you can get half-price Lush in the Lush Boxing Day Sale 2018.

Lush Boxing Day Sale 2018

Are you looking forward to the Lush Boxing Day Sale 2018? Every year, Lush hold a sale on Boxing Day. The offers vary year to year, and Lush hold their cards to their chest on the specifics, but the last few years they have offered 50% off Christmas items and products made before October.

The sale is held both in-store and online, so if braving the Boxing Day sales isn't your thing, you can still get online and get some great deals. There are two downsides to ordering online: there is a small delivery charge and the site often goes offline as it cannot deal with demand.

Some Lush stores do not open on Boxing Day and will be open on the day after. There is no way to know what will be in the store and on sale – last year I went to Cambridge where the shelves were actually empty, so we headed to Peterborough and found everything we needed.

There is usually a restriction on the number of bottles of Snow Fairy that you can buy – last year it was 6 per person. If you are planning on stocking up for the year then be sure to take someone else with you to double up.

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Lush Boxing Day Sale 2018 online

The Lush Boxing Day Sale 2018 probably won't be online, as it wasn't online in 2017.  Every single year the website crashes and leads to a lot of frustration. Getting onto the website in the first place can take hours, and even then you aren't guaranteed to find what you are after. By the time I have managed to get online there have been around 2 gift sets left.

There have also been lots of issues with the checkout not working and website visitors being unable to place their online orders. If this happens to you then let us know in the comments below.


Try alternatives to Lush

Can't face the Lush Boxing Day Sale 2017? I love Lush, but there are some amazing alternatives out there including this gift set with bath bombs under £2 each. Or this cracker set where you get 9 bath bombs for just £6.

Be wary of Amazon

Have you seen the prices that Lush items retail for on Amazon? This one bath bomb is on sale for over £100! Be careful when you look at Amazon listings for Lush!

How to store your Lush items

Most items from Lush have a use by date – for some products, such as Snow Fairy will just lose their colour after the sell-by date whilst others might even go mouldy (face masks in particular). Here's how to keep your Lush items in tip top shape to use over the year:

1. Store them correctly – do not store your bath ballistics and melts in the bathroom. The moisture will get to them (even in a box or the paper the individual products come in) and whilst they can still be used, they won't be as strong or look as pretty. Remember that they smell lovely – so anywhere that you store them will be smelling fresh.

2. Use them in date order – use the products that will reach their best before date first.

3. Remove soap from the packaging – the oils in the soap will seep into the paper, making it a wet mess. Try wrapping them in cellophane instead.

4. Store your face masks in the fridge – they contain fresh ingredients (you've seen how they're on ice in the store) so remember to keep them in the fridge to make them last longer.

5. Cut up your products/only use half – this is a great way to make your Lush last longer. Most of the bath ballistics, bubble bars, and melt can be cut in half (if not more) to make them last longer. You can also cut up your soaps to help them last longer.

Check gift sets

If the item you want isn't in the sale because it was made after October then check out the gift sets. Many of them will contain popular products and I've managed to get Snow Fairy, Rub Rub Rub and Ocean Salt as part of larger gift sets.

Head to eBay

After Christmas, many people will be selling off their unwanted Christmas gifts – and for some crazy reason, some people don't want Lush gift sets! If you haven't checked out the Boxing Day Lush sale then be sure to check eBay in January for any unwanted gift sets.

Do you have any other money-saving tips when it comes to buying and using Lush products?

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6 Comments on “Lush Boxing Day Sale 2018”

  1. I love Lush and I remember that it used to be a lot more affordable before it became so popular, I only ever buy it now if there’s an offer on. Thanks for the advice on storing the products I didn’t know about some of those.

  2. Great tips! I have a sizeable Lush collection and wrap all my bath bombs and bubble bars in cling film and keep in a snap-top plastic box – this really helps them last longer and avoids moisture which can make the bombs crumble. I also buy and sell Lush on Depop and Facebook sales groups, where you can get excellent deals 🙂

  3. I used to have great success portioning up face masks, into foil and freezing them. All you have to do is remember to defrost one went you want to use it. I also recommend keeping the portions in a food bag or freezer safe box, so the small portions don’t get lost among bigger items. I’ve managed to kick my lush habit.

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