How to Choose the Perfect Rental Property

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Finding the ideal rental property can be difficult. There are many different factors that influence the decision, and not all of them can be met at once. Still, there are key features and aspects to a rental property that can’t be found lacking. After all, if you rent something that doesn’t have everything you need, you can find yourself in some serious trouble!

Consequently, when you’re looking for the perfect rental property, you should choose accommodation that has…

The Right Help

Before you do anything, it’s good to get the right people on your side. Renting a property might be a bit more flexible than outright buying, but it’s still a big deal. Any monumental task needs a few contributing voices, whether they’re family, friends or professionals with a bit of know-how. In the end, team-work can give you the best results.

A quality estate agents will work wonders for you too, and Andrews have everything you need to help you find that perfect rental property. They’ve updated their systems with online referencing for a smoother process, and work tirelessly to get you into your new place quickly and comfortably. Finding perfection isn’t easy, but with experts at your back, the search field is definitely narrowed down.


Adequate parking might seem unimportant, but it’s essential for some. Not every rental property comes with a designated parking spot. Obviously, if you’re a driver, you’re going to need one. No one wants to walk a fair way, each day, just to get in their car and drive to work. Moreover, spaces can be difficult to find in public places, and you can find yourself competing for a spot before the day has even begun.

It’s about more than convenience too. If you must continuously park your car far away from your property, you may risk needing to pay extra charges like permits and parking tickets for that privilege. You’ll also be a menace to the locals too, who may fear their spaces will be taken up by local residents without their own spot. In the end, looking for rented accommodation that has designated parking will save you, and others, a lot of time and headaches.

Gas and Electric Performance

When most people want rented accommodation, they’re extremely keen to get going. After you know your budget and the types of things you’re looking for (pets, no pets, smoking, no smoking, etc), it can be easy to cheat yourself into thinking the jobs nearly done. Still, it’s important to focus on the practical side of things too, and not just how much enjoyment you’ll get out of your new place.

Don’t be afraid to question your potential landlord, as they have legal and moral responsibilities to uphold to protect you fully. Before you sign anything, you should ask for copies of the gas and electric certificates to gauge how well the property runs on a technical level. If your gas and electric appliances aren’t working properly, then the landlord will be required to work out a fix to deem the property fit for use. In the end, a rental property is only truly perfect if you’re safe living there.

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