How to check Amazon Kindle Credit

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How to check Amazon for Kindle Credit

If you have been storing your Amazon Kindle Credit and want to see how much you have, Amazon don't make it easy! Here's how you can check Amazon Kindle Credit on your account.

How to check Amazon Kindle Credit and earn free Amazon credit


How to get free Amazon Kindle Credit

If you are an Amazon Prime customer then one of the benefits if free next day delivery. However, if you opt for “no-rush shipping” at checkout, your order will be delivered within 3-5 days and you will get £1 Amazon Kindle Credit, completely free!

Free Amazon Kindle Credit

If you are buying more than one item and they all have free delivery, you can also split your order into multiple orders to get more than £1 credit.

What can you spend Amazon Kindle Credit on

Despite the name, you can actually spend your Amazon Kindle Credit on a whole host of items. I regularly use mine on Amazon Video and buy box sets of my favourite TV shows to stream or download. The Amazon Kindle Credits can be used for:

  • Amazon AppStore
  • Amazon Video
  • Kindle Book Store
  • Digital Music Store

The great thing about this credit is that it accumulates, meaning that you can use more than one credit towards a purchase. This means you can even get stuff completely free if you have enough credits!

How long does Amazon Kindle credit last

The credit will expire 3 months after your purchase date, and there is no way to check the expiry date on existing credit.

How to check your account for Amazon Kindle credit

Checking your Amazon account for Kindle credit is a really weird process, and it isn't very intuitive. Here's how you can check your account for Amazon Kindle credit.

How to check Amazon Kindle Credit

Navigate to Amazon's digital music store. Load up any album or single – it doesn't matter which. Or simply click here to be taken to one.

How to check Amazon Kindle Credit

On the music page, look on the right-hand side for a link that says “More Options”. Click on it.

How to check Amazon Kindle Credit

After clicking on it, a few more options will show up. Click on “Add gift card or promotion code”.
How to check Amazon Kindle Credit

A box will then pop up showing you how much money you have in Amazon gift cards and Amazon Music (click here to see how I earn Amazon gift cards for free). The Amazon Music amount is your Kindle credit balance, which can be used on everything listed above.

How to use your Amazon Kindle Credit

Using your Amazon Kindle credit is a little scary, because unlike using a gift card, Amazon doesn't ask you to confirm that you want to use your Amazon Kindle credit on a purchase. It is automatically applied to your purchase. To double check, simply check your Amazon Kindle credit balance before and after your transaction.

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How to check Amazon for Kindle Credit


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  1. It looks like no-rush delivery has been terminated in the UK, alas. You have until the 16th December 2018 to use any credits!

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