Why hiring a cleaner was the best thing we have ever done

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Why hiring a cleaner was the best thing we have ever done (1)

I want to let you in on a secret – I am really rubbish at cleaning! I like a tidy home, and we have worked really hard to declutter, but I am not that great at cleaning. And there is a difference between cleaning and tidying!

why hiring a cleaner was the best thing we have ever done

I like to think that we don't live in a hovel, and most nights we manage to tidy up after dinner and set the dishwasher off, but we don't have much more time to dedicate to deep cleaning. Plus, I'm gonna level with you – I'm not that great at cleaning! However, having a messy and dirty home makes me feel really anxious and in need of psychiatry.

A few months ago, we made the decision to hire a cleaner, and we haven't looked back since. Our cleaner comes on a Monday morning, which is great for a number of reasons. It means that we have to have tidied the house before she arrives, and it sets us up for the week ahead. I'm sure that if she didn't come on Mondays, we'd end up faffing about all day. This way we know that we need to be out of bed and ready by a certain time and make a start on the week.

Our cleaner just cleans our kitchen, dining area and living room – I am really not comfortable having someone else clean my bathrooms, bedroom or doing my laundry. Having those areas cleaned on a weekly basis really saves my sanity. It takes our cleaner an hour to do them, and she is good at it – it would probably take me twice as long to do a half arsed job.

Hiring a cleaner was good for my mental health

I really cannot express how much having a cleaner has helped my mental health! Now, instead of stressing about cleaning, and not being very good at cleaning, I make the effort to tidy up as I go and leave an expert to deal with cleaning. She does an amazing job, and I know that if any guests turn up unannounced, I don't have to be anxious about the state of the house.

Where to find a cleaner

If you have been debating hiring a cleaner, then I can highly recommend it. We were lucky, because our cleaner doesn't have a minimum cleaning time like a lot of agencies do. An hour a week is perfect for us. I've been taking a look at domestic cleaning in the Cambridge area with Bidvine.

The way Bidvine works is really easy. You can enter your postcode and what you are searching for – anything from cleaners to personal trainers. You then answer a few simple questions – for cleaning you would answer how often you need your home cleaned, whether it is a standard clean, a deep clean or moving house clean, any additional cleaning you need, such as windows or even your fridge. You can also select your availability/when you want a cleaner to come to you, including the days of the week and the time slots that best suit you.

Once submitted, professionals can then bid for your job, giving you a range of prices to choose from. You will be able to read their reviews and company profiles, so you can decide who to hire. Then you can easily go ahead and hire your cleaner – simple!

Bidvine is great for those of us who are short on time. It takes awhile to find companies to contact, get in touch, wait for them to return your call or email and then repeat yourself over and over in order to get a quote. Then once you have quotes you are happy with, you will want to research the companies to ensure that you're happy with them, including reading reviews.

Bidvine has all of this information and the process together in one place! Which is really convenient and saves lots of time.

There are so many things you can look for on Bidvine – whether you need some house maintenance, you need help with admin or you want to learn a new language. Bidvine covers lots of the UK – even my tiny city has lots of people signed up to offer fantastic services.

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Why hiring a cleaner was the best thing we have ever done (1)

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