Have a realistic Christmas

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Christmas is always here, always an exciting time for many of us, and we love to give our loved ones the absolute best. This often means that we buy presents and food that we can't really afford, meaning that we get the Boxing Day blues.


Lots of us feel the pressure to have a perfect Christmas, no matter what the cost is. This overspending at Christmas time is often only possible with borrowing money, which in turn can lead to having money issues after the big day. PayPlan, who help to support over 100,000 people a year who are in debt, see their inquiries skyrocket by 37% after the Christmas period.

Money issues can also have a negative impact on your mental health, so PayPlan have collaborated with the mental health charity SANE to draw attention to this issue and encourage people to have a realistic Christmas.

Our mindset about Christmas really has to change, so that we aren't faced with expensive credit card bills or pay day loans once the festive period is over. There are so many things that we can do to cut back the cost of Christmas and enjoy time together instead of the number of gifts under the tree!

This coming Friday I will be bringing you a blog post filled with lots of free things that you can do around Christmas time.

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  1. Great advice, I’ve been there myself, credit card Christmas followed by regret. It’s so much better to save through the year and plan in advance for Christmas.

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