GHD Air – review for bargainistas

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Should you get a GHD Air hairdryer? Yes.

As I'm sure you've come to understand, I'm a bargainista. I like getting great deals and I don't like spending money. A GHD Air costs £89 from Amazon. For a hair dryer. I'll let you pick yourself up from the floor now.

I'd read a ton of reviews a few months ago, with bloggers finding that a GHD Air had fallen into their lap or landed on their Blogger HQ desk – which is Blogger Talk for “I got this for free and therefore it is amazing”. But unlike these bloggers, I went out and spent my own, hard earned money, on a GHD Air. And I'll tell you what – it was the best money I have ever spent.

As I mentioned when I was talking about reverse washing your hair, I've got long, thick hair that gets straightened most of the time. My routine would take a good hour to wash, dry and straighten – which is a lot of time when you think about it. I'd earned some Amazon vouchers (thanks Swagbucks and Instagc) which helped me to lower the cost – always handy. You can also use Flubit – the offer for each person is different, but at the time, they priced it at £79, saving £10. If you don't have Amazon vouchers to spend then I strongly recommend trying Flubit out. I've placed 4 orders with them now and I've not had any problems – just prices lower than Amazon!

In short, yes, the GHD Air is amazing. It dries your hair faster, it dries your hair smoother and more straight – meaning sometimes I can forgo the GHD straighteners. And it's amazing. But don't just take my word for it – I have washed my hair twice for you, my lovely readers. Take a look at this photo. On the left is my old turbo hair dryer, and on the right is my GHD air – with no difference but the dryer used. I love the results and sometimes don't even bother with straightening my hair.


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4 Comments on “GHD Air – review for bargainistas”

  1. These look like the answer to my problems my hair gets so frizzy when I use the hair dryer. Might treat myself to a pair with all my extra earnings from survey sites.

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