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Picture this: you’ve just moved into your dream home. You’re excited to turn on the TV and enjoy some prime entertainment from the comfort of your new home. The only problem is that you have a standard TV package and sadly, there’s nothing on that you want to watch.

Sky TV is one of the best ways to remedy the age-old issue of finding nothing on the TV. But before you invest in a TV package from Sky, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a good deal. It can be tempting to go for the first sparkling offer you see but this can cost you in the long run if you need to add or remove something from your entertainment package.

What new Sky TV customers should know

Following criticism that their process was too complicated, Sky TV has now simplified the process. So, if you’ve been put off getting a new Sky TV package because of past experience, you needn’t worry about going back to them as things are a lot simpler now.

The basic flat rate is £20 per month and this is the foundation of all TV packages. From here, you can add the extras that you want to make it ideal for your needs. Movie buffs might enjoy the Sky Cinema add-on while binge-watchers will live the Sky Box Sets on offer. If you’re not sure which offer is right for you, the best option is to call Sky on 0843 133 7000. This will help to clear up any confusion you might have about the process. Alternatively, to contact Sky, please see the PhoneThem directory for a full breakdown of all the Sky contact numbers and contact information.

Which Sky box should I get?

After choosing the basic Sky entertainment package, you will then need to choose the Sky box that is right for your needs. Choose carefully, as this could make a huge difference to your enjoyment of the Sky network. There are a few options to choose from:

Sky Q Box

The basic Sky Q box is perfect if you don’t plan to record too much TV and don’t need the added extras like a tablet screen allowance (great for kids) or the possibility of watching in Ultra HD. If you just have a regular HD TV and don’t need a fancy remote, then the basic Sky Q box should be sufficient.

2TB Sky Q Box

The 2 terabyte Sky Q box comes with some impressive features, including Ultra HD viewing, the ability to record and store up to 1000 hours of TV, and the ability to record 6 shows simultaneously while watching a seventh. There is a cheaper way to add the 2TB Sky Q box to your package and this involves adding the £12 a month multi-screen to your bundle. This reduces the almost £200 a month set up fee to just £65. Great for high use families who want to be able to watch different things in the living room and bedroom.

Entry level Sky package

The most basic entry-level Sky TV package starts at £20 a month with a £20 setup fee. For this, you will have access to a number of TV channels showing dramas, comedies, documentaries and music. You’ll have access to premium channels like Sky One, Sky Atlantic and National Geographic Wild. From here, you can customise your package with extra add-ons. Here are our picks of the best add-ons:

Sky TV Box Sets

If you love binge watching a great series, then the £5 a month Sky TV Box Sets add-on is a great place to start. For just £5 a month, you’ll have access to shows like True Detective, Tin Star, Westworld and Twin Peaks.

Sky Cinema

If you love watching the latest blockbusters than the Sky Cinema add-on for £10 a month is well worth it. It might be more expensive than a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime, but the quality of content is much higher and you’ll spend less time looking for something good to watch.

Sky Kids

A must have if you have children in the house, Sky Kids offers the very best in children’s entertainment. For just £5 a month, you can keep the little ones entertained with 10 channels just for kids. This content can also be viewed on a tablet via the app, so your little ones can enjoy cartoons on the little screen while you’re watching something else on the big screen.

Sky Sports

For just £18 a month you can enjoy the very best sport from around the world. Never miss another important match again with the seven sports channels from Sky. You can enjoy everything from football to formula one.

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