Get a butler to help you with your bills

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Do you want to save time and money managing bills? We could all do with some help managing our household, including the bills that come with it. However, not many of us can afford the luxury of a full-time butler who is at our beck and call to carry out the household tasks we just don’t fancy doing. We can dream though! I can’t give you access to a free butler, but I can tell you about a free service called billbutler that helps you manage and control your household bills via a handy smartphone app.

What is billbutler?

billbutler is an amazing new service which ‘serves up an easier way to handle household bills.’ It has been created with the average person in mind, and hopes to be able to put you back in charge of your bills- and aims to save you up to £300 a year. You can use the dedicated billbutler app to monitor all of your bills on one dashboard screen, so that all of the key information about your household outgoings is right there on one simple page for you to review.  

This forward-thinking service has been recently launched in the UK, and strives to change the way that we manage our household bills, to finally make bill paying a convenient task that we don’t come to dread every month. billbutler is the first app of its kind- a household assistant app that allows you to monitor your spending and manage your bills at the touch of a screen.  

Save money on your bills

As well as reminding you when regular bill payments are due, billbutler can also save you money on your bills. The app will automatically alert you to cheaper deals than your current providers, this saves so much more time than scanning price comparison websites- because let’s face it, who has time for that?

billbutler makes everything easier and more manageable, with helpful notifications that let you know when your contract is up, plus access to better deals and the ability to switch provider if necessary, all within the app. billbutler makes it easier than ever to switch utility supplier, which gives you the opportunity to save hundreds every year.

Ofgem advises that millions of households across the country are losing up to £300 every year by not comparing and switching energy suppliers. If you then take into consideration other regular bills such as broadband, TV and mobile phones, the money lost could soon mount up to over £1,000 per household! If you yourself have not yet taken the plunge and switched your energy supplier, there is no time like the present as switching just got even simpler.

Be in control of your bills

The pioneering thing about billbutler is that it puts you back in control of your bills. You won’t have to try and figure out which bills are paperless, which ones will come in the post, which ones are direct debit and which ones are not. All of your bills are in one place so that you can track your usage and control your budget to help avoid any overspending. The app allows you to view a log of activity across all of your accounts which means that you can keep tabs on everything- if your partner or flatmate has already covered the bill, you can see it right there in the palm of your hand.  You can also get alerts for renewal dates for bills such as car tax and MOT which really helps you budget for these yearly costs.

How to use billbutler

As well as all the other wonderful features that we have covered, the billbutler app even has a split bill feature which lets friends and family share the cost of bills – this is so convenient for students and house sharers. Never again will you have to have a lump sum taken out of your account, only to wait weeks for your flat mates to pay the money back into your account. billbutler also hopes that by the end of 2018, users will be able to view and pay even more household bills from the app such as home and car insurance and Netflix.

The billbutler app is free to download from iOS and Android app stores.

Once downloaded, you can instantly access your regular bills by linking your utility bills to the app. If you are uploading a bill then it needs to be from the last 3 months. 

You can choose from plenty of utility companies and it is easy to get them connected.

The central dashboard on the app means you can quickly see which bills need to be paid, when they need to be paid, and how much it will cost. billbutler makes bill paying straightforward and transparent – you get to control your finances and decide who, how much and when you pay your bills.

Taking just 15 minutes to set up billbutler means that you can save tons of time over the year!

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  1. This sounds fab – keeping on top of seeking out cheaper deals that might be available for household bills is something that I’m a bit rubbish at, so that feature would definitely be useful for me!

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