How to get 02 priority freebies without being an o2 customer

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If you follow any of my favourite thrifty Instagram accounts then you might have seen some of the amazing freebies and deals available via o2 Priority. These deals include getting lunch for just £1 on Mondays (including the Boots meal deal) and other freebies. These items are a great perk of being an o2 customer, but this little hack means that everyone can take advantage of the o2 Priority benefits.

How to get 02 priority freebies without being an o2 customer

All you need to do is order your free 02 sim card by clicking here. Once it arrives, pop the sim card into your phone and register on the o2 Priority app. You will be sent a validation code by SMS to your 02 sim. Pop that code into the app and you are good to go. You can now remove the o2 sim card (remember to keep it in a safe place in case you need it later) and put your normal sim back into your phone.

After doing this you'll have access to all the deals and freebies on the o2 app.

A massive thank you to My Money Spot for teaching me this!

A word of warning

o2 don't currently enforce any terms and conditions such as topping up the sim card, however, they may look to introduce this in the future. There is no guarantee as to how long this hack will work.

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