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Winning money for free has to be one of my favourite things, and Free Postcode Lottery allow you to do just that. Simply put in your postcode (or any postcode!), check back daily and see if you have won the prize draw. It couldn't be easier.

The daily jackpot is a massive £150 – just for logging in and checking if your postcode has come up! Plus, for every day that you log in and check the results, you will receive a 1p bonus. This means that if your postcode comes up in the draw, you will win the jackpot and any bonus money you have earned.

How the site is funded

The site is funded from advertising revenue – the more people who log in daily to check their results, the more money the site earns from advertising revenue. This enables them to provide a great daily draw. So yes, there are a lot of adverts and no, you shouldn't be using adblock on a site that is giving you free money.


Alongside the main prize draw, there is also a chance to win a smaller pot of money – the stackpot. Simply put, come to the site at different times each day (it will be published on the stackpot page) and there will be a block of postcodes available. If yours appears there then click it to win £10 via Paypal.

Jackpot information

The daily jackpot is currently £150, but if your postcode comes up more than once and the other person(s) claims, then you'll have to split the pot. It is also rolled over to the next day if the prize isn't claimed.

Claiming your winnings

If you are lucky enough for your postcode to come up then there will be a big “claim” button popping up. Once claimed you can choose to be paid via Paypal or Amazon vouchers. You can also choose to donate your winnings, in which case FPL will double your winnings and donate them to charity!

Is your information safe/will you be spammed?

When you sign up you will get a daily email reminder to log in and see if you've won – you can unsubscribe from these in the emails you receive. The owner will never sell your details to a third party, so you can rest assured that your details are safe. You can remove yourself from FPL whenever you want.

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