The free blogging checklist that every blogger needs

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I am so lucky to call blogging my full time job, and many of you have been asking me about my daily blogging routine. Whilst I don't have a daily blogging routine, I do have some tasks that I complete each and every time I publish a blog post. Here is my free blogging checklist that every blogger needs.

You might be wondering how I can blog for a living, so if this is you, be sure to read how bloggers make their money and how you can too. It is a great job that allows me the freedom to work from any where, at any time that I want. Being able to have such a flexible job is wonderful, and I am even able to employ my husband to work alongside me. There is no more Sunday night dread!

This checklist has been designed to not only remind you of things to do before you hit publish, but also what you can do after publishing your blog post to ensure that it reaches as many readers as possible. What's more, there are even sections to add in extra tasks that are applicable to your blog.

You can use this blogging checklist however you want – you can keep the PDF on your computer and refer to it when you need, you can print off a few of them, or print off one and laminate it (or stick it into a plastic wallet and use a white board marker).

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