How to earn a free Amazon gift card in just two weeks

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With Amazon being the biggest online retailer, it has become a part of most of our lives. I love earning Amazon gift cards online, to help out with the cost of Christmas or other every day purchases. Whether you are saving for Christmas, or you just want to treat yourself, here is how you can get a free Amazon gift card worth £20 in just two weeks for doing almost nothing!

MobileXpression is a market research company who are dedicated to improving the mobile internet. One of the ways that they research this is to ask users to download their software onto their phone or tablet and let is collect data in the background.

As this is such a big ask from MobileXpression, they are willing to offer users a free Amazon gift card worth £20 after they have had the software running on their device for two weeks.

This MobileXpression software allows your mobile browsing and purchasing behavior to be monitored, collected, and once anonymized, used to create market reports, materials and other forms of analysis that may be shared with their clients to help them understand Internet trends and patterns and other market research purposes.

Are there any downsides to using MobileXpression

I have found that MobileXpression's software lags my phone a little when I am trying to connect to the internet. It doesn't take much longer, but I definitely noticed it.

The software is easy to remove at any time, but you will need to contact them for formally “resign” from the panel. They will also send you detailed instructions on how to remove the software. If you don't do this then you could still be contacted for future opportunities.

Overall, it was worth installing MobileXpression for a free Amazon gift card.

Other ways to earn a free Amazon gift card

If you are looking for other ways to earn a free Amazon gift card, here are some websites I recommend:

Swagbucks – If you like a variety of ways to earn Amazon gift cards then you will love Swagbucks. Whether you want to complete surveys, play games, search the internet or take up offers, Swagbucks has plenty of ways to earn Amazon gift cards. You can redeem your Swagbucks for an Amazon voucher as soon as you have hit £5, which is 849 Swagbucks. You can also supercharge your earnings by referring your friends and family member to Swagbucks. Click here to register for Swagbucks and get a £3 bonus.

Gift Hunter Club – Gift Hunter Club pays you to complete tasks and surveys, very similar to Swagbucks and InstaGC. There are plenty of ways to earn points, which can then be redeemed for Amazon gift cards once you have just £5.

InstaGC – With InstaGC you can redeem your gift cards instantly! This does away with the annoying wait for your gift card to arrive – you will get an online Amazon gift card code the moment that you request your redemption. Earn points by watching videos, completing offers and referring your friends. You can redeem your points as soon as you get to £1.

Receipt Hog – Did you know that you can earn free Amazon gift cards from your old receipts? Simply upload photographs of your receipts to Receipt Hog and you will earn coins based on how much money you spent in store. There are also free slots that you can play to boost your earnings. Once you have reached 1,000 coins you can redeem them for a £3 Amazon gift card. You can also womble extra receipts to scan into Receipt Hog. Click here to register for Receipt Hog and use code vug79188 to get extra slot spins.

Quidco – Quidco is a cashback website where you earn cash by visiting Quidco before making a purchase. I have earned over £1,733 since being a member of Quidco which has been a great way to boost my income! What's more, if you choose to cash out via Amazon gift cards then Quidco will give you another 2% on your redemption.

Top Cashback – Top Cashback is a cashback website where you earn cash by simply visiting Top Cashback before making a purchase. You can choose to have your cashback paid out via Amazon gift card.

Global Test Market – Earning Amazon gift cards with Global Test Market is really simple. You are invited to between 4 – 6 surveys per day, and even if you are screened out you will receive entries into their sweepstakes. They also have an Android and iOS app for completing surveys on the go.

Opinion outpost – Opinion outpost is a survey website where you can earn Amazon gift cards. Simply complete surveys and once your balance reaches at least £3 you can withdraw your earnings.

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How to earn a free Amazon gift card

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  1. useful info – you never know who is legit so nice to hear a trustworthy opinion on these things.

    1. Totally agree with you Helen. It’s so hard to know who to trust online, which is why I give as many recommendations as I can. Keeping safe online is not an easy task!

  2. I need to start earning some amazon vouchers ready for Christmas shopping! It’s nice to keep my amazon account topped with vouchers in case of emergencies too,

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