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Updated January 2014.

Yes, you read this blog title correctly! Flubit is a great tool that enables you to get a discount on Amazon products. The idea is simple – you've already decided that you want to buy your product from Amazon (hopefully because they're the cheapest option), send the link to Flubit, and they'll get back to you within a few hours (a maximum of 48 hours, although I've had offers back almost instantly) with a better offer. You then complete the purchase via Flubit, and the item gets delivered to you.


So, how do they do it? My guess is that they either purchase through affiliate links and pass on the earnings to you, find a great deal elsewhere or something else. To be honest, I'm not too bothered about how they do it – any saving is a saving!

I tried this on a few products – namely some razor blades on Amazon for £7.50, Flubit created an offer of £7.05, on a DS with Animal crossing (Amazon £133.95) they created an offer of £125.12 and on an underwater digital camera (Amazon £50) they created an offer of £47.

I made my first purchase from them in December, and since then I've gone on to place two more orders – all 3 were received quickly and I managed to save myself

Demanding a better offer is simple.

    1. Copy and paste the URL of the item you want to buy from Amazon
    2. Supply additional information such as size and colour if applicable.

Provide information on who the product is for and how it'll be used. I have absolutely no idea why this information is relevant – perhaps another way they can offer such good deals is to sell the information to market researchers.

I'm all for saving money, and I think Flubit is a great way to do that! It is definitely worth giving it a try to see how much they can save you.

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