Florida Round Up

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Hey guys, I’m back! Sorry I’ve been so quiet, I often opened my browser up to blog but I felt weird talking about how amazing Florida was and how much money I was spending when this blog is about saving money/making money, but whatever.
I had the most fabulous time ever in the history of the world. From start to finish the holiday was amazing but I’m so glad to be back home now. I spent money like it was going out of fashion and “only” ended up going £30 into my overdraft which I’m obviously thrilled about.
I’ve got over 400 of my own photos, not including Rose’s photos, so deciding what to upload was hard. Here are a few of my favourites.
Rose and I outside of Heathrow. We’d both already been awake a ridiculous amount of hours with many more to go!
Me in the most unflattering top ever (it will be eBayed!) at Downtown Disney. I adore Disney.
 Compulsory Disney photo.
 America was full of coupons for everything – there was very little that we paid full price for. This dress is one example of that – spend over $50 and get $10 off AND buy two dresses and get $10 off. I spent more money than I’ve ever spent on clothes ever but I managed to get a pretty dress for a friend’s wedding and this lovely dress. Whilst trying to make the decision as to whether to buy them I remembered all the hard work I’d put in over the past months – all the eBaying, bootsaling, etc and justified getting them.
 So I get that Walmart is basically Asda, but at Walmart you can buy Twinkies and guns, amazing. We visited most days.
 I wholesale MLB jerseys looked forward to Seaworld so much and I wasn’t disappointed. We managed to get onto some rides with no queue as everyone had started with the main ride at the entrance. We saw a pet show which just made me miss my cat, then what I’d been waiting for – The Shamu show (with no whale actually called Shamu). We sat in the soak zone and got totally soaked with salt water which put a downer on things for us. But still, it was amazing. I’d like a whale please.
 At Busch Gardens we stumbled upon a “feed the kangaroos” section where we got to, you guessed it, feed the kangaroos! I reckon I fed about 8 LinkedIn of them by hand. They were so friendly and I definitely want a kangaroo now. Plus I’ve saved myself the £££ for a trip to Australia!
 My colleague had told me about Rainforest Cafe so we had to do. We dressed up and off we went. I adore themed restaurants.
 We went to Red Lobster one night and the food was amazing! A meal with prawns, scallops, lobster and a starter cost around £20 – it is worth going to America for the savings alone!

Me at Magic Kingdom trying to pull a face with the weird faces outside Haunted Mansion. This dress was possibly the best thing I’ve ever bought in my life!

On our return trip I heard our names over the tannoy – when I approached the desk I was told that our names hadn’t been called and I’d made a mistake. Cue me spending ages telling Rose that I Works had heard our names, I’m not going insane. A few moments later we were handed these. First Class was lovely – it was only the connecting flight but still lovely. We sipped free cocktails – they cost economy class $7 so, so I actually made $14 by having two cocktails, right?

We did so much that it would take way too long to tell you everything. We visited every theme park, saw fireworks and shows, ate some amazing food, bought some lovely things (and me being cheap MLB jerseys me, I even bought a load of stuff to resell for some more pennies), swam loads and just did so much.
Basically I love America. Everything was lovely – the weather, driving, shopping, eating, theme parks, etc. I did have a sneaky look at jobs whilst I was there so who knows what the future holds. I’m so pleased to be home now though and ready to tackle my next money making goals. I’m so insanely proud of myself for being able to afford this holiday without going into debt (cos £30 of an overdraft isn’t really “debt”). All the hard work has been worth it!



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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time- and you definitely deserved to treat yourself after all that earning/saving! And, yes, I’m extremely jealous of your £30 overdraft! x

  2. I love Florida, especially Busch Gardens! Did you go to the everglades at all? Some of my best trips there have included hovercraft rides amongst the alligators and holding some baby ones, so amazing. Glad you had a good time!!xx

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