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You see a penny (or any coin!) on the ground, do you pick it up, or walk straight past it?

We love picking up coins from the ground, and starting in January, we decided to dedicate one of our coin jars to what we've termed our “roadkill” – money we've found on the ground. Today, curiosity got the better of me and I had to count it up. Can you believe that we've managed to find ¬£3.01 already?

Sure, it won't buy us a portion of chips each (we'll have to share!) but I'm impressed that this was free money, just laying around on the ground. I've also seen people just throw coins on the ground because they don't like having coins on them. Crazy.

Great places to look for coins:

  • The ground around car park payment machines.
  • Change compartment at coin payment machines – car parks, train stations, etc.
  • Around bins.
  • Coin operated trolley bays.
  • The ground near tills.
  • Outside kiosks.

So will you be picking up coins you see on the ground?

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