Field Agent

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The app:
Field Agent is a mystery shopping app for your iPhone.

How to earn:
Using the Field Agent app, you can complete short tasks to earn money. These are usually paid between £3-£6 and can include visiting supermarkets and taking photos of stock displays; checking which products staff recommend or checking that businesses are still located at certain addresses.


Payment method and threshold:
Payment is via Paypal and there is no payment threshold. The payment takes no more than 7 days to arrive in your Paypal account.

My verdict
Whilst Field Agent is worth downloading, I've only made £16 to date from 3 jobs. There are always a handful of jobs available in my local area, but they're not jobs I want to complete (such as a nightclub audit).The jobs are short and sweet, and there's a wide variety. You only have two hours after accepting a job to complete it, so you cannot forward plan – meaning I've lost out on a few jobs.


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