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The app & how to earn

FeaturePoints is an app where you can earn points by downloading apps. It is available for both iPhone and Android.


The points you earn can be redeemed as Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, Xbox gift cards, iTunes and more.


1,200 points = $2
3,000 points = $5
6,000 points = $10
15,000 points = $25
30,000 points = $50
60,000 points = $100
120,000 points = $200
300,000 points = $500
600,000 = $1,000

Amazon gift cards

1,050 points = £1
5,250 points = £5
10,500 points = £10
52,500 points = £50

Starbucks gift cards

5,250 points = £5

Playstation gift card

5,250 points = £5

Xbox gift cards

5,250 points = £5
10,500 points = £10

iTunes gift cards

10,800 points = £10

Steam wallet

12,000 points = $20

My verdict

Each download awards 100 points on average, so for downloading 10 free apps you can earn a £1 Amazon gift voucher. There are also bonus points for following FeaturePoints on various social media platforms and supplying your email address. It isn't going to make you rich, but when you're bored watching TV you may as well earn a little extra cash.

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3 Comments on “Feature Points”

  1. I don’t think I can take on another one of these sites, I only frequent a few and can hardly keep up with those! Always interested to see what others are about though 😉

  2. Feature Points is a great way to get fast free gift cards if you know the right methods. Nice post BTW.

  3. I’ve made around $390 – not too bad for doing very little. Download the promoted apps and then dump them. Use my code and get a 50pt bonus – 3D5YCA

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