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I've stumbled across another cashback site – Fat Cheese, where you can earn cashback on your online purchases – they also have a section where you can earn free cashback for joining various survey sites, signing up for free SIM cards and even doing a daily “product search”.

The Florida fund is going extremely well at the moment – having something so important in mind for saving means that I'm thinking about every penny I spend and working very hard to add anything I possibly can to the fund. The latest additions come from a bootsale on Sunday (£35) and compensation I received for a mouldy ready meal (£6). There's a little bit more to add once my Paypal money clears, I would love my total to stand at £800 by Friday, but that would be pushing it!

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  1. Fatcheese proclaim “Fatcheese promises to pay you cashback when you complete your purchase with any merchant who has the Fatcheese Cashback Guarantee Seal.”, but I have purchases from “Guarantee Seal” vendors from over 8 months ago that are not being paid; my claim tickets are being ignored and their “live help” is never online.

    I’ve had cashback from Quidco and Top Cashback for those same vendors for more recent transactions, so the problem must be with Fatcheese and their “promise” appears to be an empty one.

    I cannot recommend Fatcheese anymore.

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