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Hello From Pauper To Princess readers!

Today Emma has been kind enough to let me guest post here on her blog, and I want to talk to you about my business, working as an Independent Distributor for It Works! Global. Maybe you’ve heard about it or maybe you haven’t but today I am going to explain a little more about the business, what it entails and all the different ways you can get involved.

 What is It Works?

It Works! Global is “ one of the fastest-growing consumer lifestyle, health and skincare direct sales companies”. With the Ultimate Body Applicator (wrap) as the flagship product the company also has a great skincare line, which helps to compliment the wrap. Wraps comes pre-packaged with the lotion already infused in the wrap, so you just take it out and apply it to any part of the body that you don't like, wear it for 45 minutes, and you'll see tightening/firming of the skin, diminished cellulite, stretch marks and scarring. Many people enquire as to whether the wrap can help them lose weight. The wrap is a cosmetic product, its function helping to tighten, tone and firm your skin, and it is important to remember that eating healthy and exercising regularly is what will help you lose weight.

Wraps can be purchased individually from an independent distributor (like me) or through the companies loyal customer programme. The Loyal Customer program lets you buy products at the wholesale price instead of the retail price, and all you have to do is agree to order one product per month for three months, . After that, you never have to order again. However, when you do want to come back and order wraps or any products in the future, you will always have access to the Loyal Customer prices forever. We have a ton of great products in our line that I can recommend if you don't want more wraps after month one. No minimum purchase has to be made either and any product goes. I do sell the wraps individually for £20 (£25 shipped), but the best results come when you use a full treatment of four. You won't want to stop with just one, so I like to make sure that everyone knows they can save that initial £20 by becoming a Loyal Customer! That is what most of my customers decide to do!

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Why I decided to build my business with It Works?

Many of my friends had joined It Works and I was seeing the ways in which it was enabling them to change their lives. They could stay home with their children, they could give up their jobs, they were building a future of their families and getting out of debt. Living a debt free life and being able to make my own decisions and create a life for my family that would really work was a massive motivation in joining the It Works! family.

Was I sceptical at first? Of course I was and before I joined I made sure I knew exactly what the business entailed. I tried the products because honestly I wanted to prove they didn’t work. When they did I was impressed, and when I saw real results I realised that I wanted to join this exciting adventure. I signed up with what I personally believe is one of the most friendly and exciting teams in the company, everyone is so helpful and its great to see everyone at different stages of their journeys, from Ambassador diamonds down. It makes you realise that the success that comes from working your own It Works business is happening to normal people, people like me and you, people who have worked hard and decided to take a leap of faith…and it paid off! What I love about this business is its simplicity, its great products which actually do what they say they do, and I have been able to work and grow my business through social media. You can work your business how you want, maybe you want to do parties, maybe you want to get out there and tell every single person about the products, or maybe you want to work it through social media. It’s all possible. It’s your business and you can run it however you wish, It Works just gives you the tools in which to succeed with. I am now achieving my dreams, working at becoming debt free and being paid to have fun with friends. There is nothing quite so amazing.

What are the start up costs?

The cost to join it works as a distributor is £85 and this purchases your business builder kit, giving you a box of four wraps as well as marketing materials which will help you kick start your business. What I did was had a few friends round who wanted to try the wrap, selling each wrap for £20, making back my investment right away! Each month you order two boxes of wraps (8 wraps) for around £100, and by selling those for £20 each either individually or at a party setting you are making £160, thus paying for your autoship. I work this business closely with my best friend, and we do parties, sell at events like craft & gift fairs and speak to everyone we meet about this business.

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Earning opportunities

The earning opportunities are limitless, and I really do mean that. The good thing about the business is the layout is minimum and you can make all that back, plus your monthly order by selling the wraps individually or at parties. You build your business not just through recruiting customers, but by helping others join your as distributors and set them on their journey to financial freedom too. By selling your monthly autoship wraps you’re making a 100% profit, not to mention money you are earning from your commissions.

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 As you can see in the photo above, the average income chart for It Works! Global. I am currently charting diamond and I literally cannot wait. With promotions of diamond and above you are also looking at gaining bonuses, the first at diamond level being £6000, that’s a pretty life changing sum, and it increases from there.

How long do I spend working on it?

I work 4 days a week, so my day off (Thursday) is usually when I work on my business. I spend other times in the week working too, I probably spend about 10-15 minutes each day in total working my social media, posting photos, talking to people etc. I also spend time during the week dealing with queries, but people start this around full time jobs (and then are able to leave said jobs because their income with It Works surpasses what they are currently earning), and as with most things you get out what you put into it. People will often say they are busy, but I started this with a day job, working for my Master’s Degree, helping out with family, in a long distance relationship and working on a business with my mum. If you want something enough you will find the time to make it work. I love my job with It Works, so the time I spend doing it seems like fun/leisure time to me. I love speaking to new people and helping others achieve their dreams – its my biggest motivation!

Anything else?

I often hear from people who are interested in starting their business with It Works! that they are worried because they don’t have a huge friend network to rely on. I, as well as my leaders above me, have come not to rely on people you already know, they are definitely a good place to start when approaching people about the products or the business but there is a big wide world out there, and there are people who will want and need the products, as well as being interested in the opportunities the business holds. We’ve built our businesses on social media, and you can too, great things come from stepping outside your comfort zone.

If you have any questions about the business opportunity or the products I’d love to chat with you. My email address is: [email protected] or alternatively if you wish to place an order you can visit my website: http://www.loveamybecca.myitworks.com

Also, don’t forget to follow along with my business on Instagram, it is where I do most of my posting: instagram.com/loveamybecca

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