Email Marketing Templates: The Instant Recipe or Homebaked

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There is a multitude of sites on the internet where it is possible to find ready-made email templates. This article will show the pros and cons of using two different approaches to email marketing. Custom and ready-made email templates can be useful marketing tools. Let's analyze the effectiveness of each method.

Source: Alejandro Yepes Toro

Custom designed emails

Having a modifiable email template opens up an opportunity to create something outstanding. This is why custom-made email templates have potential benefits for your marketing campaign.

  • Customization

As the name implies, custom-made email templates can be, well, customized. You can modify any custom email template to your heart’s content. This offers a lot of creative freedom to do what you feel is best. Some chose to have their email outreach proposals proofread by paper writers if Grammarly does not provide sufficient feedback. This opens up an opportunity to create something that nobody else has, which brings us to the next benefit, originality.

Source: Alejandro Yepes Toro

  • Originality

This is the most significant benefit of having a custom-designed email. Having a custom-tailored email template allows you to stand out from the crowd. With a unique design at your disposal, your emails will have a signature look that nobody else can show off. Fill your email with excellent content to go together with the design. This will attract customers in no time!

  • Re-usability

Custom-made emails is another tool at your disposal that you can use over and over again in your marketing campaigns. Re-usability is another advantage that they have. An important point to mention is the fact that you have the ownership of the template. This allows custom-made email templates to be modified whenever you feel like it. Nowadays, emails do not have to be limited to text only. Pictures, GIFs, videos, and other interactive things can be used in a custom email to make it stand out.

Although the benefits of custom-made emails are great, it is essential to keep in mind that creating something takes time and money. This leads us to some of the drawbacks of using custom email templates.

  • Price

In general, custom-made emails will be more pricey. You will need to invest more money in them, especially if you are looking for some top of the line content. It is also essential to account for the time it will take to develop an email template. And this leads us to another drawback…

  • Time-consuming

It is, of course, possible to make a custom email template overnight. However, chances are, the quality will not be the best. On average, it takes a week to develop a custom template from scratch. In some cases, you may have to delay your marketing campaign if you wish to present your product in the best way possible.

  • Compatibility and convenience

Even though, it is the 21st century. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses the latest gadgets and software. This limits your potential audience. It is also important to keep in mind that if your email contains a lot of interactive content, it may take it longer to load all that awesomeness. This can be a major turn-off for any of your prospective customers.

Ready-made email templates

Source: Alejandro Yepes Toro

There are many sites on the internet where it is possible to order an email template. like custom-made emails, they have their advantages. Let us look at some of them:

  • Ready to use

Ready-made email templates are ready for use the moment you get your hands on one. This saves a lot of time and leads to the next benefit…

  • Time-saving

With an optimized, universally compatible, and finished email template, you can launch an email marketing campaign at any moment. Get ahead of the competition and start marketing your product first! While the match may have a unique email to show to their potential customers, they will likely already be buying your product.

  • Optimized

Ready-made templates are tested for compatibility issues to make sure that any of your potential clients will be able to load read the contents from their gadgets. The templates also have a design that has proved to be effective in the past.

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Before launching an email marketing campaign, it is wise to look at another side of the coin when it comes to using ready-made emails. Although they can be very convenient and easy to use, they are far from perfect and here is why:

  1. No originality

If the template is not custom-made, it is likely that somebody else has already bought the email template that looks the same. Although the template is convenient and well designed, it will not be original, and this is a missed opportunity to get your brand to stand out.

  1. Limited customization

Ready to use email templates will not be as tweakable as a custom template. The template can be good, but it will never be great because lack of customization limits the creative potential.

  1.  Non-modifiable

Although technically, it is possible to modify the ready-made email template heavily, there is no point of doing so. It is better to build a custom template from scratch. In addition to the time it takes to modify a template, compatibility testing will be required to make sure it runs well.

 There is no universal, one-fits-all, strategy to email marketing. Particularities of the situation have to be taken into account. Both custom and ready-made email templates have their advantages and disadvantages. At times, originality is needed to stand out. There are also situations when the time is limited. The key to success when using these marketing tools is to pick the right approach for the right position.


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