Eliminating your greasy hair

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Eliminating your greasy hair

You've just washed your hair, but it still feels greasy and heavy? That's because there's a build up of product in your hair weighing it down. You can buy expensive product removal shampoos, such as Toni and Guy Cleanse shampoo for £5.99 or Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo for £17, but there's a much cheaper alternative and you probably have it in your house already.

Eliminating your  greasy hair

Bicarbonate of soda is often praised for it's cleaning qualities, but did you know that you can also use it to de-grease your hair? Just mix a teaspoon full in with the usual amount of shampoo you use per wash, adding a little water to form a paste. Then use it as normal shampoo on your hair, massaging into your scalp. Lead it for a few minutes then take care to rinse it all out. Follow with conditioner and you're all done. You can just mix the bicarb with water to form a paste, but I like the texture and lathering that using shampoo gives it. After using this, my hair feels lighter, is more manageable and most importantly, it is no longer greasy the moment I've washed it.


How does it work? The bicarb eats away at the dirt and product residue that has built up over time, leaving your hair in much better condition. You don't even have to use bicarb every time you wash your hair, just do it when your hair is feeling heavy or seems to get greasy more easily than usual. For me, this is about every 6-8 weeks. The best thing is that if you don't have any bicarb in the house, you can pick some up from any supermarket for £1 or less.

Try it and let me know what it does to your hair.

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Eliminating  your greasy hair

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  1. When mine gets like this (usually once a fortnight) I wash it with shower gel and it works like a charm. I have very thick and heavy hair but when I use SG it’s light and bouncy.

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