How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

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After consuming our body weight in eggs, many of us are now looking to eat healthy as summer approaches. However, eating well often comes at a cost- juices, organic veg and good quality meat are really expensive!! It often seems cheaper to order a takeaway than to faff around and cook from scratch. However, as a healthy living blogger ( , I am used to finding ways to be a thrifty health foodie


Online Deals

Many turn to the web to source healthy bargains. Here’s a round-up of the best.

  1. Natural Blender are a great company for those looking to start green smoothies. They provide you the exact ingredients needed-this is a bargain with superfood supplements like flaxseed and protein powder as they can be really costly when purchased separately and lots is wasted. They’re also currently offering a groupon deal here that works out at just under £24 for two weeks worth of smoothies.
  1. Abel and Cole veg boxes. You can definitely source your veg cheaper at supermarkets, but if organic is important to you, a bargain can be had. Currently they’re offering 50% off your 1st and 4th box when you enter the code FILM at checkout.
  1. Musclefoods are the best place to source good-quality meat in bulk. Their new customer offer includes everything you need to get started: from lean meat to veggies.
  1. If you are really interested in health and wellness, signing up to Thrivo might be a good idea. This online health portal features all the latest discount codes for health enthusiasts. When I checked today, there were all sorts of deals on offer- including a free 2 week vitamin subscription, 50% of veg boxes and £5 off gluten free meals. If you would like to win a Thrivo box then I currently have a giveaway here.

Shopping on the High Street

First up: Poundland is your friend (is there anything you can’t find there!). They sell everything from healthy dried fruit to sieves perfect for juicing. You can checkout my blog post on the best healthy foods avaliable at poundland.

Other good choices are Asda for cheap veg boxes, Aldi for a great range of foods like lentils and tinned veg and B&NBargains for things like granola bars and rice cakes.

Thrifty Kitchen Hacks

Once you’ve purchased your goods, here’s a few hacks to make your healthy food go further:

  1. Ditch shop bought water and make your own fruity water instead with left over lemon and other fruits. More info in this blog post.
  2. Freeze overripe bananas and make into icecream (simply blend bananas well to make a delicious,creamy desert)
  3. Divide left over stock, herbs and pesto into ice-cube sized portion Simply freeze and use when needed!
  4. Always add lentils to bulk out meat-based dishes.
  5. Meal prepping can help hugely to avoid giving in to temptations when you can’t be bothered to cook. A quick search online can find meal prep plans for everyone from vegans to meat-lovers!

I hope my healthy eating on a budget tips helped you! What’s your best tip for a healthy bargain?

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  1. Great post. Love the ideas. I am always looking at ways to eat a bit more healthily that doesn’t cost too much.

  2. Yeah, if there is one thing to be said about healthy eating – it is pricey. Great tips! I had no clue Poundland had anything like this in stock.

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