How to easily save money on your household bills

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A great way to save money every year is to spend some time looking to see if you can get your utility bills and other annual spending cheaper by switching tariffs or switching providers all together. I try to do this every year, but I often forget when contracts end, and I only get around to searching for the best deals about 6 months after the contract ended, oops! Just last week I spent an couple of hours at my Dad's house and I managed to save him £400 a year by switching his providers and haggling. This is a massive saving! OneDox is a great service



What is Onedox

Onedox is a free service that tracks your household bills and tells you when you can find a better deal. You simply link up all of your accounts (this takes some time) and then you can view them all on your Onedox dashboard which is pretty cool. In addition to this, Onedox will also notify you when you are at a contract renewal date, so you can get a cheaper deal. They provide all the information you will need to make the switch in one easy place.

How Onedox can save you money

The really obvious way that you can save money with Onedox is the alerts to cheaper tariffs or savings you can make by switching providers. Every year households in the UK are spending hundreds of pounds more than they need to because they are on expensive tariffs. Onedox make it really simple to find out if you would benefit from switching.

Alongside this, you can also save money by analysing your spending. Seeing our energy bills steadily increase over the past few months has encouraged me to think about ways to cut back in this area – hanging the washing out on the line more often, making sure we don't leave our computers or laptops on when they aren't in use and switching off lights that we aren't using.

How Onedox can save you time

Can you place your hands on your most recent energy bill easily? I certainly can't. Having all your bills in one place means that you can locate them easily when you need to, for whatever reason. It also saves you time because you don't have to spend your time on price comparison websites, looking for new tariffs or providers to switch to – Onedox do all the hard work for you.

Is using Onedox safe?

In order to utlise Onedox, you will need to provide your log in information for your different supplies. Onedox use TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption to ensure that data is transferred securely. Their privacy policy is very detailed and explains how your personal data will be used – there were no red flags for me.

Which suppliers can you add?

There are plenty of suppliers already on board with Onedox! They include BT, Plusnet, Sky, Virgin Media, Talk Talk, eon, EDF, Scottish Power, SSE, British Gas, nPower, Sainsburys Energy, Ovo, First Utility, Co-op Energy, 3, O2, Orange, EE as well as tax and MOT dates for all cars provided from the DVLA.

If your supplier isn't available at the moment then you can submit a request for them to be added.

My thoughts

Adding everything on to Onedox can be a bit of a faff, but I really cannot fault this service. Firstly, it is free! There is no one off fee or a subscription fee to use it and it can help you to save £100s every single year. I am impressed at how easy it is to use and how useful it is as a tool for budgeting and helping you to save money.

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