Earn money from your receipts

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Getting paid for shopping might sound too good to be true, but this is a way to make money from all the receipts you get from your shopping trips – whether you are visiting a supermarket or your local corner shop, you can still benefit from snapping pictures of your receipts so that you can earn money from your receipts.

Receipt Hog is an app available on both Android and iOS that rewards you for shopping! To earn with Receipt Hog, simply shop anywhere, making your usual purchases then upload a photo of your receipt to Receipt Hog. For every receipt you upload you will earn coins, based on the amount you spend:

  • Less than £10 – 5 coins
  • Between £10 – £50 – 10 coins
  • Between £50 – £100 – 15 coins
  • More than £100 – 20 coins

Along with the coins, you will also win 1 sweepstake entry for every receipt you upload.

Receipt Hog allows you to upload receipts from the following store types:

  • Supermarkets and other grocery stores
  • Corner shops
  • Off licenses
  • Pharmacy
  • Cash & Carry
  • Health store
  • Bargain/discount store
  • Beauty supplies
  • Pet store
  • Toy store

Hog Slots

In addition to earning coins, you will also earn a spin at the Hog Slots for every receipt you upload from clothing stores, home improvement stores, electronics store and more. Spinning the free slots gives you a chance to win bonus coins and prizes – one of which is to get your last shop paid for!

Get extra spins

If you would like to get yourself 5 extra Hog Slot spins, completely free, then be sure use the code vug79188 when registering on Receipt Hog.

Getting paid

You can choose to cash out your points for cash via Paypal or Amazon gift cards. You will need 1,500 coins to get a £5 Paypal payment or 1,000 coins for a £3 Amazon voucher.

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    1. There is a lot of money to be made when it comes to analysing shopping habits and selling it back to retailers and manufacturers, so I guess it might be that?

  1. Never heard of this before, but will definitely check it out. Seems straight forward. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Is this completly free it really sounds to good to be true im so wary of using apps and free sites you hear so many stories ,

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