Earn money with 20 Cogs

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This is how to earn money with 20 Cogs by Emma at EmmaDrew.info. #20Cogs #MakeMoneyFromHome #WorkFromHome #EarnFromHome #MakingMoney

I am always on the look out for new and different ways to make extra money and I have recently discovered 20 Cogs as a way of boosting my income. 20 Cogs is a simple way to make some extra money by completing offers. The offers can be anything from surveys to taking out free trials. There are 20 offers, or cogs to complete (hence the website name) before you can cash out, but it is well worth the wait! Here is my 20 Cogs review.

Earn money with 20 Cogs

When you first start out you will only see the first cog – the first offer. If you don't fancy the offer for whatever reason then there are alternatives to choose from. Your cog will then turn amber which means that it is pending. Once the advertiser has checked you have completed the offer successfully then it will turn green. This normally happens quite quickly but it can take up to 45 days to be confirmed.

20 Cogs collect earnings - my 20 Cogs review

Simply complete all 20 Cogs and when they have turned green you will see the claim button. You can request your payout via BACS and Paypal and it should arrive within a few days.

Referral scheme

There is also a very generous referral scheme at 20 Cogs. Refer your friends and family and you will earn 5% of everything they earn – forever. What's more, when they complete 20 Cogs then you will also get a generous £20 bonus. As you can see from my earnings, I earned a nice chunk from referrals.

My 20 Cogs review

Some of the offers are a complete pain in the backside to complete – they look spammy so I would recommend you use your dedicated money making email address to sign up for the offers and make sure to read them thoroughly so that you aren't registering for websites you don't want to register for. It took me a few months to reach payout because I was waiting for the offers to change – a few of the offers I couldn't complete because I had already done them elsewhere. I finally turned all my 20 Cogs green and my payment was in my bank the morning after I requested it! I would also recommend that you take a screen shot of the completed offers in case it doesn't track properly. I have had to submit a few queries and the 20 Cogs team have ensured that I received the credits I should have.

20 Cogs payment proof - my 20 Cogs review

Websites that rely on you completing a certain number of offers (such as 20 Cogs) have a reputation for holding back and not confirming one of the offers, which is why I would recommend that you not only keep a screen shot of the completed offer, but make sure to see if you need to confirm your email address for any of the offers. The referral scheme is very generous and this could be a nice boost to your funds if you can complete all of the offers.

There you have my 20 Cogs review – in summary, it took me a few months to complete the offers, however once I had turned all of the cogs green, payment was made around 12 hours later.

This is how to earn money with 20 Cogs by Emma at EmmaDrew.info. #20Cogs #MakeMoneyFromHome #WorkFromHome #EarnFromHome #MakingMoney

30 Comments on “Earn money with 20 Cogs”

  1. Hi 🙂

    Have you or anyone else actually completed the 20 cogs?

    I’ve spent half an hour on here and I’m upto £45.

    Is it a real payout? ?

    1. I completed 20 Cogs about 6 weeks ago, I had a couple of offers that I had to send screen shots in for but I was paid the day after I requested my payment. I’m currently number 3 on their homepage leader board! ..Totally genuine pay out, Paulsmoneysavingoal.

      1. How did you request your payment ? I’ve asked when my money will go in and they said they will deal with it as soon as they can but it’s been 3 days now

  2. Can you let us know if it is legit? I am now doing offers but I worry that it might nog be 100% real since you can earn a lot of money and normally with this kind of thing you can only earn a couple of pounds per survey.

    1. Hi Cynthia, I think the “catch” here is hoping that people get bored and don’t complete all of the offers. Stay strong and try to get through them!

  3. Is this genuine? I am in the process of looking for work whilst studying and am unsure if this is a scam.

    1. Everything I write about is tried and tested by me, and I give you my honest verdict. I am still part way through completing the offers with 20 Cogs

  4. I have started using 20 cogs and completed 6 cog offers but they are still grey in colour and haven’t turned amber as pending apart from 1! Does anyone know what this means please?

  5. Hi Emma, how are you doing with 20 cogs to date? I’ve been thinking of joining but don’t want to spend any money or years of my time to get a payout x

    1. I’m still working my way through the offers, I haven’t done any paid ones yet until all my free ones confirm. I’ll update this post once I’ve reached payout 🙂

  6. I just joined the 20 cogs and completed all of the cogs in one day, many of the articles i have done is free trials. Trials which I have paid a pound for, competitions. A few are green and some are amber while some are still grey but I understand it can take up to a month to come through. Now I seem to be sat hoping that this is real money. May I ask how your attempts have been on 20 cogs??

    1. Wow, that’s dedication! I had a few issues with some not changing from grey so I sent an email and they’ve now all been investigated and turned green. I’ve just got a few more to get finished now 😀

        1. As long as you take screenshots and follow the instructions then the offers where you earn more than you pay are worth it.

          1. Of the sites were you need to a deposit I chose Bingo, as I have played bingo on and off for the last year or so, every now again I have a small win that can easily cover all of your deposits.

    1. Hi Kathryn go for it, I have recommended two of my friends both were paid in full as was I with in
      7 days of my final cog

  7. Hi guys, I think I’ve messed up I signed up for free credit score you have to not cancel for 14 days but after 14 days it charges you ??

  8. Once you have completed the 20 cogs and got payment can you go on to complete another 20 cogs or do you only get one go at this?

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