Dust off the dosh with a spending Spring Clean

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Spring Clean your finances

It’s officially Spring! We’re looking forward to welcoming all that is great about the new season: warmer weather, longer days –  and the annual spring clean.

Spring Clean your finances

You may be less enthused about the idea of donning the marigolds, so how about cleaning up your finances to make a massive difference to the pounds in your pocket instead?

The Affordable Loans team have swept up the best tips to dust off your dosh and help your balance to feel sparkling new:

Keep a diary for a week

Not sure where you’re wasting money and where you can quickly cut the costs? Try keeping a diary of your money going in and money going out for a week – you will be surprised at how much the coffees on the go and the online shopping sprees add up to. Try it for a week and see for yourself!

Prepare for a rainy day

April showers may be looming – so make sure you’re prepared for a rainy day when it comes to your finances. There are lots of easy ways to save, from collecting spare change to savings accounts that offer cashback incentives xxx

Stay savvy when it comes to borrowing

From a broken washing machine to a blown-out car tyre; sometimes, even saving can’t prepare us for unexpected costs. Before turning to costly credit cards or pay day loans check out alternatives such as loans from community lenders such as credit unions.

Community lenders often enable you to borrow less over longer payment periods – see what you could save by getting a quick quote from the Affordable Loans team, who represent community lenders from across the UK.

Switch and save

From energy bills to car insurance – think of the savings that could add up if you were to shop around for the best deals! Many providers include price increases in automatic renewals in the hope customers will be too busy to switch. Spending a few hours shopping around could save you hundreds.

Refresh your pension

It’s all too easy to start a pension and then forget about it until it comes to retirement.

Whether you already have a pension or are thinking of starting one, make sure your money situation in later life is as healthy as possible with these top tips from the Pensions Advisory Service.

Kick the habit

Give both your health and wealth a boost this Spring by trying to kick costly and unhealthy habits. Wonder how much you would save by stopping smoking? Try out this free cost calculator – and if that convinces you to kick the habit, take advantage of lots of free resources to help you to stop smoking, including stop smoking websites.

Cook up some savings

Cut the costs of your food shopping by cooking batches of your favourite meals– freezing portions ready to microwave in replacement of expensive and often unhealthy microwave meals. Whizz up quick, healthy and cheap soups using seasonal veg such as cabbage and cauliflower.

Pick up tips on saving time and money with quick and easy homemade meals from bloggers such as A girl called Jack.

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Too many of us are turning to high cost, short term loans. We provide you with another way to access affordable loans: our loans are provided by community lenders who put people before profit and who are there for you for the long term to help you to progress in life with less debt and more savings.

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