DIY men’s haircut

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Do you know how expensive men's hair cuts are? I almost fell to the ground when Tony told me that his most recent paid haircut was £11. We live in a small village with two barbers, so it's not as though we are paying London prices. After that, I decided that I'd swot up on how to cut Tony's hair myself. Gulp.

Thankfully there are a ton of useful YouTube videos to get you started. We bought these Wahl men's hair clippers are just £10.39 – cheaper than a single haircut.  The first hair cut was…okay. Tony's hair was shorter. Perhaps a bit lopsided, but it was shorter and slightly neater than when he started. But thankfully, since then, I've perfected my technique and the whole thing now takes 10 minutes including vacuuming up the hair afterwards. The first haircut was done outside, which I won't be repeating any time soon – you won't believe how difficult it is to get hair swept up. But now it's a chair in the living room with Tony's promise of vacuuming it up straight away.

So what do you think of the final results? I set the clippers to “8” for the length, then take off the attachment for any areas that need a closer shave. I've just perfected using the clippers for around the ears – beforehand I used a pair of scissors alongside the clippers to do any shaping needed. Now if only we can get my haircut cost down.

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2 Comments on “DIY men’s haircut”

  1. Mens hair cuts are ridiculously over priced!
    But speaking from experience…
    Buy a set of professional clippers. They cost more (wahl super taper about £40) but last much longer and the cut is significantly better (no snagging and no ripping which hurts).
    I had about 5 sets of home clippers in 3 or 4 years. Ranging from £10 (asda) to £50 (nicky clarke). The super taper has lasted me 5 years and is still going strong.

  2. Last spring I took my children to the barbershop where they each got a bad haircut, twice in a row. It was cut too short, too high and uneven. The barber had gelled their hair in a faux hawk, but after a shower it really showed how poor a haircut each got. There were steps in their hair. I said enough of paying a “pro” to do poor work. So I bought a good set of Wahl clippers about $45, after my boyfriend who cuts my hair (yes, I said he cuts my hair) agreed to help me give them haircuts. The firtst time I was nervous, but I started with a higher number attachment and worked my way lower to blend the hair on the back and sides. I took off the attachment and trimmed up the neck line and side burns as my boyfriend coached my technique. After that it was scissor over comb on the top. Net result was that they had a more professionally done haircut than they ever did in the barbershop. I figure not counting my time, but all other expenses involved, I am saving nearly $900 a year by being a mom who cuts her children’s hair as well as getting mine done at home. And the results are better than I ever got at the barbershop or the salon. If the so called “pros” hadn’t screwed up my hair and my children’s’ I probably would still be spending that money. So I think it was a blessing in disguise.

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