DIY gel nails with United Beauty

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I love getting my nails done, especially with gel nail polish. However, they leave my nails in such poor condition from the buffing through to soaking my nails in acetone to remove the polish. Then there is the price. One gel manicure usually sets me back between £25 – £30, which I would love to reduce. I recently met with some of the United Beauty team and I really want to share two of their amazing products with you.

DIY gel nails with United Beauty

United Beauty have created GelTouch, a unique gel kit that lets you transform any nail polish into a gel polish, without having to mix them up! Just paint your nails with any nail polish then apply the GelTouch top coat and cure them under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. You can repeat this again for a gel manicure that lasts even longer.

Nail polish storage

to get started, I chose two of my existing nail polishes. I am often asked where my storage units are from – they're from Amazon for £18.49 and I love them! I have had them for years now and they're still going strong.

There are two great products that I got to try out – the GelTouch Starter Kit and the GelTouch Mini Starter Kit.

GelTouch Starter Kit

The GelTouch starter kit retails for £49.99 (you can get 20% off using code ALDITOHARRODS20) and comes with:

  • GelTouch Clear Top Coat
  • Powerful 9W LED lamp (mains powered)
  • Gel Cleansing Wipes

GelTouch nail kit review 03

The GelTouch mini starter kit was designed to offer a portable solution, offering you the chance to do one or two nails at a time. It retails for £24.99 (you can get 20% off using code ALDITOHARRODS20) and comes with:

  • GelTouch Clear Top Coat
  • Mini LED lamp (with a USB cable)
  • Gel Cleansing Wipes

Both offer great value for money, especially because you don't need to go buy any special gel nail polishes – you can already use your existing nail polishes. The starter kit is the cost of two gel manicures, or the mini kit is the price of just one gel manicure! If you need to buy a refill of the GelTouch top coat, it sells individually for just £14.99. You could be paying that much for a decent top coat anyway!

GelTouch nail kit review 02

Other benefits of using GelTouch

As well as the cost, there are some other great benefits to using the GelTouch kits. You don't need to buff your natural nails before applying your nail polish, meaning that they don't get damaged. Even better, the nail polish simply peels of when you are ready to move on, or you can take it off with acetone – there is no soaking your nails and damaging them. The polish lasts up to 10 days – I changed mine after 7 days and it was still going strong!

I love that you can just apply the top coat to any existing nail polish without needing to mix your polish up – which is both messy and can waste a lot of product.

GelTouch nail kit review 05

Get 20% off at United Beauty

If you would like to get 20% off any of the GelTouch starter kits then simply enter code ALDITOHARRODS20 during the checkout

Overall I am extremely impressed with the GelTouch kit!

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