Disney Rummy & Disney Charades review & giveaway

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With our next Disney adventure just days away, I have been enjoying playing these Disney board games that we were recently sent!

Disney Rummy & Disney Charades review & giveaway

Disney Rummy

With two ways to play, this game is suited to all ages! It is recommended that players be 5 and over, but you could easily play the “easier” way with a younger child! Suited to 2-4 players, choose between playing the “Discovery” game or the “Family” game, which is more like classic rummy. We decided to play the “Family” game each time we have played. Everything you need to play is included, with 52 tiles, 4 tile holders and a set of rules.

Each game takes around 15 minutes to play, so we have been enjoying playing after dinner before cleaning the kitchen!

Disney Rummy is available at Amazon for £17.99.

Disney Charades

If you enjoy charades then you will want to check out Disney charades. Suitable for 4 – 10 players aged 6 years old and up, you will need to mine a Disney character whilst your team gets one minute to guess who the character is and what they're doing. As adults we had no problem grasping the game, but I think it would prove difficult for younger children to grasp. You will never get bored though, there are plenty of cards to choose from, so even if this is a family favourite, you will still keep others guessing!

Disney Charades is available at Amazon for £16.46.


For the chance to win your own Disney charades then complete any or all of the Rafflecopter widget entry options below. The competition closes at midnight on Wednesday, 17th February and is open to UK entrants only.

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Good luck!

83 Comments on “Disney Rummy & Disney Charades review & giveaway”

  1. Well anything Disney is a hit in our house so games we can play as a family are especially welcome. Thank you

  2. Wonderful looking game, great for when we have the little ones over, something different to play.

  3. It would be lovely to win Disney Charades, but I wouldn’t mind writing a review. Thank you for the chance to win

  4. My great-niece would love this. She’s not old enough to know how to play properly but she’ll love pretending to be a character. Great fun until then. Thanks for the chance.

  5. I absolutely love the sound of this! Charades is my all time favourite game for a bit of family fun (especially at Christmas!) and we are such massive Disney fans that the combination is amazing!

  6. My kids enjoy Rummikub on a good day, but they are too young for it really. Disney Rummy might be a better introduction to cards!

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