Different types of trading channels

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Earnings have a cap but making your savings grow multifold is unlimited. Investment is a perfect way to earn more. The investment vehicles vary over real-estate, trading or venture capital investment.

Trading has always excited the ones you look for easy and significant returns. This article is a comprehensive guide comprising different trading options.

Buy Stocks

Stocks are popularly known as gaining a share in the company stock price and dividends. While you buy the stocks you only have a share in the liquid assets of the company. They are easy to buy and sell and are good for long-term holdings as you receive dividends from the company’s earnings. If you are interested in making quick profits, you can also do the short selling of stock but that can be better be done under the guidance of a broker.

Buy CFDs

When you buy stocks you withhold the assets but with CFDs (contract for difference), you actually earn with derivative trading. You are not the owner of the real assets and earn by the movement that happens in asset price between the entry and exit point. As a tax-efficient unit of trade, they can be used for hedging too. How to trade CFDs must be learned as it is a different type of trading unit.

Buy Bonds

Buying a bond means to own a debt security. Investors lend money to borrowers and issue bonds to them for a defined period of time. They are a secure channel of investment and range from corporate bonds, investment-grade bonds, government bonds, municipal bonds and more.

When you buy a bond, the return of investment is usually a promised rate of interest along with the principal amount. Each bond comes with a maturity date and can be liquidated on that date. It is a predictable investment vehicle and keeps the capital investment safe. Bond investments help you earn the interest usually twice a year before it matures, offering a continuous flow of income. The government bonds interest amount is not taxable under some state laws.

Buy Mutual funds

If you are a beginner in the investment field, start with Mutual funds. You will not be required to understand the internal mechanism and can simply invest. They can be easily bought and maintained. They have a broader spectrum of growth. The Mutual fund market is quite diverse and offers you multiple options to buy. They are the immensely flexible way of investments.


Quite similar to Mutual funds, these are more like stocks being traded. The ETFs are valued constantly during the day and give you a better idea of how they are performing. They are less volatile and have great momentum. You need to have a better idea of how the market actually works.

Categorized as ownership and lending investments, these trading units are a better way of earning more when you invest your savings. Be aware of over trading as the market is quite lucrative. There are a plethora of trading options or rather channels available, choose wisely and reap its unparalleled benefits.

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