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I've been reading a lot about Degustabox across various blogs, so I thought I would give it a try for a thrifty review. I had contacted Degustabox asking if they would be willing to supply a box for a blog review, but they didn't get back to me until they were preparing the boxes – after I had already paid for my first box. So this review comes from someone who has forked out their own money for the box – I know we all say that reviews are honest, but I feel that the reviews of items that have been received are viewed with rose tinted glasses.

Degustabox are a monthly food box subscription with a very unfortunate name (disgust in a box anyone?). But I like food and I like surprises, so I decided to give it a try. I was really annoyed because a few days after placing my order, the Degustabox Facebook page launched a half price offer for your first box – typical, I had just missed out. Commenting on their Facebook page didn't even prompt a response. Despite this, I was still excited to receive my first box.


Despite there being 6 Maggi packs, I thought the selection of this box was interesting. It is important to remember that Degustabox are a service provider, and the service they provide is a surprise box of food and drink items delivered to your door monthly. And that delivered. However I wasn't blown away with the items in the box. I found 6 Maggi packs to be too many – especially as we enjoy cooking from scratch. The Zeo drinks were disgusting – one of them even got thrown away. The popcorn was oh so delicious, but it is a shame that 4 supermarkets in my area don't sell it. The pack also included some blueberry cider – not what I would go and buy normally, but it was nice to try. At the moment you can't opt out of receiving alcohol in your boxes – I hope this is something that Degustabox are going to be looking into.

I would definitely suggest you get the box as a one off, and treat it like a surprise food parcel. The excitement is fun, and I did receive products that I hadn't seen in shops before, or things I wouldn't think to buy normally. I'm going to keep my subscription for another couple of months.

Since writing this review, I have received the August Degustabox or the September Degustabox, both of which I have completely loved. So it is safe to say that the July box was a little off as my first box, but I have been thrilled with them since.

If you would like to go ahead and order a Degustabox, you can get £7 off your first box by signing up using this link.

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  1. I read a review of a Degustabox last month and it got a glowing report so I guess it must be a bit hit and miss? Definitely tempted to try it though! My work uses DPD to courier out items, one month in to work and I already have too much experience with them 😉 x

  2. i have just received my box it was on special offer for 5 pounds it was so dissapointing at least half the contents of the box i would not use there was 2 porridge pots coconut milk green tea 2 tea drinks crispbread piccalili and bread mix to say i was a first time customer it is so dissapointing wont order again grrrrrrr

  3. My friend got the same box as above and we were so impressed I have ordered one so I guess it depends on individual taste

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