Degustabox review – May 2016 & get £7 off

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Degustabox is a monthly surprise food and drink subscription box, usually costing £12.99 per month. You can get your first box delivered for just £5.99 – keep reading to find out how. Here is my review for the May 2016 Degustabox.

Degustabox May 2016 review and get £7 off

I am starting to think that Degustabox are getting a little stingy! Whilst the assortment in this box was nice (we've only had the croissants and rice cakes before) it is definitely one of the lesser valued boxes that we've received. However, it still worked out great value, especially when you can get your first box delivered for just £5.99! The Jack Daniels glaze is amazing and the date nectar is definitely interesting to try to use! We have already tried out everything apart from the bottles of Cranes, which shows what a great box it was!

I love receiving this subscription box every month – it is a fun challenge to try to use up the items inside and I think it represents great value for money.

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