December 2015 goals

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December is here and I am really looking forward to the month ahead! It starts off with Tony's birthday on the 1st and we have lots planned to celebrate! It is also my first month of being fully self employed and I can't wait to get my teeth into it.


My November goals recap

  • Sell 20 things – I managed about 3 items! I just didn't have time to photograph items and get them listed on eBay.
  • Blog every day in November – I managed 29 of 30 days! The day I missed was spent in London from 9.30am – 11pm so there was just no chance of getting a blog post done. I should have been more organised and scheduled a post to go live, but I didn't. I am still thrilled at getting 29 posts up, and I am wondering whether blogging every day might be a new thing for From Aldi To Harrods.
  • Finish my freelance website – done! I am really thrilled with how it turned out! If you want to hire me for anything then please check it out.
  • Finish my blog anniversary giveaways – YES! At the 11th hour and with lots of help from Tony, we got everything photographed and 31 different blog posts (with rafflecopter entries) scheduled.
  • Start sorting the filing cabinet – a good starting effort has been made!
  • Revive Make Money Without a Job – nope! I am really torn about what to do with MMWAJ, and I just haven't had any breathing space to think about what I want to do with it, if anything.
  • Leave work – YES! My final day at work was 20th November, which means I have enjoyed a week of being self employed.

Our November goals as a couple recap

  • Earn £2,000 extra online – YES! I will be publishing our income report in a few days, but I am pleased to say that we reached our goal before adding our matched betting income.
  • Enter 500 competitions – again, at the 11th hour we realised that we hadn't reached this goal, so we spent a lot of time entering various competitions. We haven't won anything in November though.
  • Declutter our fireplace – done.
  • Declutter under the stairs – done.
  • Declutter our back door – nope! I have no idea where to put the items and it just hasn't happened.
  • Clean the windows before the bad weather sets in – nope!
  • Start looking at matched betting accumulators – we still haven't had the time.
  • Re-join the gym – not yet, simply because we are going away for a week and we don't want to pay for a week of gym use when we won't be here. We are going to rejoin the day we land back in the UK!
  • Stick to a household budget of £200 for November to include food, toiletries, cleaning products and meals out – I'm going to go ahead and say that we did this one…but it is kinda a lie. I'll leave it for you to decide – we stuck to £200 for our groceries and meals out apart from going to London. We spent almost £80 at Burger & Lobster for our meals, which is an insane amount. I used some of my online earnings from this month to pay for it and used it as a celebration for going self employed.

My goals for December

  • Make a plan for the first 6 months of 2016 – including blogging, freelancing and what I want to achieve in my personal life.
  • Prepare for the new year – including clearing a backlog of work, having an office declutter.
  • Drink more smoothies – after being ill for two weeks my body feels as though it really needs looking after. There's a lot more to be done than just drinking some smoothies, but it is achievable for now!
  • Relax – these past few months have been really hectic for me and I am looking forward to having some time off to relax.

Our goals for December

  • Make £2,500 online. I have only increased this month's goal by £500 – with Christmas I would prefer to keep the goal at £2,000, but I thought I would try to challenge ourselves. I am not convinced we can do it, but we will try!
  • Rejoin the gym.
  • Continue to declutter.

That's it for us in December. As I mentioned, the past few months have been hard so we are looking forward to more of a relaxing month!

What do you have planned for December?

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4 Comments on “December 2015 goals”

  1. Congratulations Emma on your first month self-employed having been so successful. You’ve really inspired me with all your money saving & earning tips and advice. All the best and more success for you in 2016

  2. Here’s to a fantastic first month of self employment! You have lots of goals, but I’m sure you’ll manage 🙂 I want to try and get my online income up and running in December; your income reports are very inspiring!

  3. Congrats on going self-employed. I love the idea of setting challenges/goals each month. Think this might be something that I set up next year to see if I can get more done! Thanks for all the tips and advice. Love your blog.

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