5 ways for you to deal with stress

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5 ways to help you deal with stress

Today I have a guest post written by Gerri who blogs at Over The Hill and Under the Radar. You can also find Gerri on Twitter. Gerri has written about 5 ways to deal with stress. Over to Gerri…

5 ways to deal with stress

There are many things in life that can cause stress:

· Death of loved one
· Divorce
· Marriage
· Debt
· Work pressures
· Redundancy
· Relationships
· Illness
· Family
· Day-to-day life in general

How we deal with stress does vary from person to person. But we all should aim to reduce stress in our daily life for our overall wellbeing. Below are a few ideas to help deal with stress.


Research has shown that the love you give to a pet reduces your stress as you are giving unconditional love to your pet.

Having a pet will take you mind off the problems you are currently facing? You are so busy with your pet you will be distracted from all the stress and worrying that is currently happening in your life.

One good tip to keep this stress reduction is to take a few videos of your pet playing and so when you are feeling low you can look at these and start to feel slightly happier.

If you do not have a pet maybe consider volunteering at a local shelter, spend some time pet sitting a neighbours pet or even become a dog walker. Spending time with a pet can ease depression and there is evidence that it can lower your blood pressure as well. Even just looking at a goldfish can ease stress. So if you do not like the idea of looking after a major pet or your home does not allow for pets a small goldfish would be ideal.

If you have a pet you automatically will get more exercise (OK not if you have a goldfish!) but more likely if you have a dog. The Pitsky is super cuteTaking a dog out for long walks will aid with stress and depression. Even if you have a kitten stroking their fur or running after your kitten when playing with their toy will make you feel happier and more relaxed.

You may put off going to the gym or even taking your 10,000 steps a day without your dog. Now you have a dog to take for a walk you are more motivated. Often people are more likely to talk to you when you are out walking your dog. Even if they just say what a lovely dog.

It is important to note that any pet you get does come with its own responsibilities which may cause some slight additional stress. So do please do your research before committing to a new pet in the home. But for the majority of pet owners the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


One way of dealing with stress is being in control of our lives where we can. You may not be able to control your health or financial situations but you can clean and tidy your home.

Now is the perfect time as spring is here so start that spring clean now.

If you home is extremely untidy you are going to feel even more stressed? The more untidy the more stress……So have a clear out and check out all the unwanted items. Either sell them or donate to the local charity shop. A home clear of clutter will mean you will start to have a clear mind and begin to think more positively.

You may be overwhelmed with the task in hand but why not break it down into small chunks. If you home is so cluttered you are going to have to take it in stages. Perhaps you work all day so do not want to even tackle anything when you get home.

Well why not try the 10 minute tidy up. Everyone can spare at least 10 minutes when they get home. Set you alarm for 10 minutes later. Grab a carrier bag and start to put your unwanted items in the bag. Stop after the 10 minutes and you will be amazed at how far you have come. Repeat for a week and then you can start to keep on top of all of it.

To get you motivated to clear out the mess you need to have a different strategy so why not think of your spring clean as a gym workout. This can aid good stress relief with physical activity. By doing physical exercises this will release stress-relieving endorphins in your body – thereby saving you going to the gym. Think cleaning windows; hovering; cleaning floors; going up and down the stairs etc.

When cleaning why not listen to your favourite music. The type of music you listen to does not have to be peaceful – if you like loud rock music then that will work just as effectively. You will be in a better, relaxed mood as your stress levels will be reduced and your home is also cleaner – a win win situation. Just make sure the music is not so loud that the neighbours complain as otherwise you will be back to square one!


We know that water is a healthy drink and great for when you are very thirsty. The best water is from the tap of course. It is calorie free, will not ruin your teeth and is good for you What is not to like!

Yet despite keeping us healthy water can also aid stress relief.

Flowing water in the shape of waterfalls for example offer peaceful and relaxing sounds. By just looking at the waterfalls and noticing the flow and the way the water falls over the rocks and stones can aid relaxation and contentment.

By having a small water fountain/feature in your home or garden. It is something beautiful to look at and you can focus your eyes and listen with your ears. Also by having a water feature in your home (either outside or inside) you will be having regular access to actual water rather than just hearing a pre-recorded sound from say a CD. Not only will your stress levels reduce but you will find that in time your sleep and your overall mood will improve. This in turn will mean that you have more ‘get up and go’ and eager to get on with life.

To aid stress relief try and visualise a peaceful, calm and relaxing scene such as flowing water, a waterfall or waves crashing against the sea– by doing this you can reduce your anxiety. I find this one very helpful when on a busy crowded tube. I just close my eyes and relax. It also makes the journey go quicker.


So often we all think of the negatives in our lives instead of the positives.

So let’s change this and remember there are people who care for you, your partner, friends and family. Celebrate your achievements not your failures. See you have a lot to be thankful for.

How often do we look at a celebrity and say to ourselves how lucky they must be, they do not seem to have a care in the world and that I wish that was me? Think about that – Do you really want their life? How do you know everything in their life is as perfect as we are led to believe?

The Duchess of Cambridge – she has (we are led to believe) a perfectly stress free life. A comfortable home (or two), a wonderful family, no money worries; staff on tap and access to the best services money can buy. Yet recently she did a speech at Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and during her talk she said that she felt motherhood was overwhelming and a huge challenge – so despite all her luxury she still has moments of doubt.

Let us flip this on the other side –Unlike the Duchess – would you really want everyone knowing all your details and for every movement to be reported globally. Likewise she cannot just pop out to the shops on a whim – be thankful you have your freedom to do as you please.

We always compare ourselves to others – it is human nature. You will meet people who you think are richer, thinner, more good looking or successful than you. By comparing yourself to these people you will feel less valued and worthless. This is not a good think as it can make you more stressful. Ask yourself would you really want to be like someone else – would you take on all their problems that are not visible?

To be happy you must be content with all you have not what you do not have. Try to change your way of thinking with a different mind-set. You will soon notice the difference.


What is E.T. short for?
Because he's only got little legs!

There that made you smile!

They say laughter is the best medicine. By having a good laugh you are not thinking about your current stressful problems.

By laughing your body releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins will help you with an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain. So this can mean that your view on all the day-to-day stressful events will vastly improve even when the laughing has gone.

If you are looking for a new partner did you know that Men love women who laugh at their jokes and have a good giggle when around them. Women actually laugh around 125% more than men. Equally having a good sense of humour with your partner is a vital factor in keeping the relationship alive. No one likes a miserable person.

You can lose weight with laughing as it burns calories. We know anything that is easy to help us lose weight is a winner! A good laugh will exercise the diaphragm and the abs will contact and also your shoulders will get a good work out. This means the muscles are more relaxed.

Did you know that if you laugh 100 times it is equivalent to around 10 minutes on the rowing machine or 15 minutes on the exercise bike? I know what I would prefer!

So dig out that comedy DVD and have a good laugh.

I will end with my favourite joke ever

How to you get to Wales in car?
One in the front and one in the back!

I hope you found these stress tips useful and picked up a few ideas that you can use to help you deal with everyday stress. As always if you any concerns on your stress levels do make an appointment with the Doctor.

Here’s to a stress free day…..

5 ways to help you deal with stress

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